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    Hello, friends. My name is Emory. I am a blogger, online store owner, prairie girl, vintage fashion lover, wife, and writer for HaveHeart Magazine. Welcome to Hello, Scarlett!


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    Sometimes nothing makes me happier than downloading new filters from @vsco // 👊📷 "I truly believe that everything that we do and everyone that we meet is put in our path for a purpose. There are no accidents; we're all teachers - if we're willing to pay attention to the lessons we learn, trust our positive instincts and not be afraid to take risks or wait for some miracle to come knocking at our door."
Marla Gibbs 
I fully believe that while everything happens for a reason, it is imperative to embrace both the good and bad in your life. Keep pushing yourself to take risks and new adventures, and learn from your mistakes. Meet as many people that you can, and while you may fall out of contact with certain individuals, never take that as a bad friendship. You met them because you had to, and maybe one day they will come into your life again. 
Happy Wednesday. ✌✨💜

prairie photography outtakes

BeFunky_1.jpgBeFunky_2.jpg BeFunky_4.jpgBeFunky_5.jpg BeFunky_6.jpgBeFunky_8.jpgI consider ad photographs to be one of the hardest yet one of the most fun aspects about blogging. Think about it. This one picture not only has to sum up what your entire blog is all about, but it also has be inviting and strategically display your sense of style and skills as a photographer/photo editor/graphic designer/blogger without looking like you are trying too hard. I find that I am always experimenting with my ad photographs. Every few weeks I will take my camera and my tripod out to a new territory and photograph it. I prefer to let the landscape do most of my advertising, yet I always try to work my little face into it one way or another. I do this because I believe blogs are such personal spaces that I want whoever sees my ad to connect with me on an emotional level rather than just witnessing a prairie scape. Well, at least my blog is personal. I really have to struggle sometimes with letting the whole world know my story, since I’ve always been an honest but yet quiet and guarded person. I’ve come to realize that readers appreciate forthcomingness and want to learn more about the person behind all of the posts. Otherwise, why would they keep on coming back?

This particular photo shoot occurred over a month ago on an extremely warm day in Saskatchewan. I had the day off so I made the best of both the weather and my free time. I drove out of the city and to an acreage that my husband and I had looked at a short time before. I loved the location and knew that the empty fields that surrounded it would be the perfect place to shoot for the day. Because the snow was still melting, the ground was extremely soft and muddy. One of the first things that I noticed was that wearing my 1970s platform boots wasn’t the wisest decision. Every time I ran across the field I rolled my ankle. Yet, winners never quit and quitters never win (or something to that effect). So I set the timer, grabbed my hat and antlers, and painfully ran as fast as I could and as far as I could away from the camera while dancing and jumping around in each shot. It was exhausting, but incredibly exhilarating. These photo shoots will always be my favourite.

best prairie gifEmory

P.S. The last image is an unedited GIF of my mad prancing skills. I hope that you like it!

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  1. geo

     /  06/01/2014

    love the GIF babe!!! you are so talented!


  2. These photos are so gorgeous! The GIF is especially awesome. ;)



  3. Thanks for visiting and liking my Prairie photos (of the Flint Hills in Kansas) and for inviting me to look at yours! I am Canadian too, so happy to visit Saskatchewan!! Your photos are very fun – you obviously have a creative flair! Love the prancing pic — that is very cool.


  4. Hi Emory! Michelle from WhirlwindTravel here :) I’m so glad you pointed me in the direction of your blog, I’m having a great time browsing through it. Love these shots as well, third one is definitely my favorite!


  5. michellemhudson

     /  05/28/2014

    I love these shots! You’ve totally captured the joy and frivolity that I felt looking at that big open vastness. I felt so small… and weirdly so FULL.



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