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window box vase diy.DSCN6151if you have been following my blog lately, you might have noticed that i write a post about plants at least once a week. 

DSCN6140and why not? it is summer, after all. :-)

this particular diy was one that was featured here before i began blogging on wordpress. the original inspiration for the window box came from urban outfitters.

“it is a fairly straight-forward project. what you need is:

1. wood

2. nails

3. a saw

4. small vases

5. stain (optional)

we chose not to stain our window box, only because most of the wood found around our home is natural or reclaimed. almost any color would look fantastic, though!

DSCN6142 DSCN6147 DSCN6148additionally, we wanted ours to look as imperfect as possible. in the end, if you are achieving for imperfection, this is a foolproof diy project.”

DSCN6131_2enjoy crafting!

p.s. today is my nephew’s 1st birthday! congratulations on turning a year old, little guy. :-) 

we love you more than anything!


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  1. Hi Scarlet! This is Isabel from shoebox-living. Thanks for stopping by my blog the other day. I’ve spent a solid 30 minutes reading thought some of your posts! Love the story about your little green house! I know all about living in small spaces as me and my BF are tucked into a 25 sqmt apartment in Hong Kong! With a lot of personality and character though :) sometimes smaller is better!

    Can’t wait to see more from the inside of your home :)

    Hugs Isabel


    • big, big thank you for the lovely comments!

      there will be many more posts inside of little green to come.

      i love your site! :) you’ve found a follower in me.


      • You are welcome! Yay! I’m so happy to have a new follower! Welcome! In following you too!


  2. What a cute little planter! I’d be all over making one if I weren’t 100% sure that my trouble making cats would knock it over in seconds!



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