so long july.

IMG_1191_2IMG_1196IMG_1255we celebrated the ending of june and the beginning of july with my nephew’s first birthday party. it was filled with children, sweets, presents, laughs, and much happiness. 

IMG_1275IMG_1311IMG_1312july 1 was canada day! we wore white and spent the night along the riverbank photographing fireworks. they were beautiful.

IMG_1524 IMG_1525 IMG_1529IMG_1535we had a few date nights where we tried out new restaurants. they were yummy!

photo-6-1i had an impromptu photo shoot with my mum and her (favorite) newfie. is she not the prettiest person ever?

IMG_2211then we had a family supper at little green. although it was only for my parents, brother, and sister and their spouses and little ones, it consisted of thirteen people! (fourteen if you count the little girl in my sister’s tummy.) the supper doubled as a going away party for my brother, his wife, and their two children who are moving across the country at the end of this week.

IMG_1914luckily, i got to enjoy some quiet, early mornings like these with my girl holly.

IMG_1856 IMG_1862then it was time for my niece’s birthday party. this time there were even more family members, presents, laughs, and food.

IMG_2293we had my dad come and stay with us for a night.

IMG_2190 IMG_2193 IMG_2197we also managed to get another date night in where we went to my favorite old theatre and saw the iceman. it was a fantastic film!

IMG_2202of course, it wouldn’t be a successful month without selling dozens of items from the hello scarlett store.

IMG_1865 IMG_1871IMG_1882IMG_1899 as always, our evenings came to an end with a long walk in our neighbourhood. i will never, ever grow tired of living next to the river. neither will holly or truman.

IMG_1904july was a very busy but at the same time a very fun month! i hope that next month we can find more time to slow down and enjoy the warm weather before fall starts creeping in. :-)

see you all in august!


i found some magazines.

IMG_1689_zps10a3b4ad IMG_1684IMG_1685IMG_1686

*g* and i skipped spring cleaning this year and instead went right to summer cleaning. actually, it was more like summer-i-took-everything-out-of-our-basement-and-threw-or-donated-it-all-away. what a relief, though! it’s understandable why getting rid of clutter is good chi for your home.

that being said, before i got rid of anything i went through it with a fine tooth comb. this included revisiting my vintage and current magazine collection. for me, skimming through these magazines was like looking through old photo albums. certain pictures stirred up feelings of nostalgia, and i wondered how i was ever going to part with them. knowing that i really had no choice, i decided to document my favorite articles before i sent them to the recycling bin. that way, i would always have them (at least on my computer).

IMG_1648IMG_1651IMG_1653IMG_1671_zps131fa9dd IMG_1676IMG_1681IMG_1680IMG_1663_zpsf3ff3c2d IMG_1664IMG_1668IMG_1669 in the end, my lovely treasures, i bid you adieu. 

p.s. do any of you feel the same way about certain items that you own?


big yellow taxi.

joni mitchell is literally from my neck of the woods. the city i am living in now is the city that she grew up in. how cool is that?

“big yellow taxi” is my favorite song by mitchell. while it is a song that is based more on environmentalism than the environment that mitchell was raised in, i can’t help but envision summer fields, parking lots, screen doors, and wide, dusty porches each time i hear it. to me, that description wholly encompasses a typical summer here on the warm and sprawling land that is the canadian prairies.

hope you can listen to this and get a sense of where i come from. happy monday. :-)


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talkie thursdays.

the paperboy (2012).ThePaperBoy_24x40.inddthe-paperboy2the-paperboy3THE PAPERBOY - DAY 4-363_775.nefTHE PAPERBOY - DAY 6-600_194.nef once in awhile i would like to write about a more current film (one after the 1990s) that i feel must be on hello scarlett. not necessarily because it was good, but because it just needs to be discussed. the paperboy is said film. also, it was set in 1965 so it’s kind of like i’m talking about a classic movie, right?

the paperboy is based on the novel by pete dexter. ward jansen and yardley acheman have come to moat county, florida to help clear hillary van wetter of his charges in killing the town’s sheriff. ward employs his young brother jack as their driver. they also enlist in the help of hillary’s fiance, charlotte bless. however, given that this story takes place decades ago in the deep south, with one of the main characters being gay and two characters (yardley and anita/narrator) being black, there are many issues involving race, acceptance, and sexuality.  

the new york times described the book as “eerie and beautiful” and the film does not fall short of that description either. it is also very thrilling. inwardly, ward jansen battles a great number of demons. physically, he strives to help everyone around him regardless of whether they are good or bad people, and goes so far as to putting his life on the line in order to do so. this is such a complex role and yet matthew mcconaughey plays him to perfection.

when i heard that the film was going to come out and saw the list of stars that were in it, i groaned when i heard zac efron’s name. hearing that he was playing jack jansen made it even worse. seeing the movie and realizing that he is a believable actor? priceless.

nicole kidman gives a fair performance as a sexed-up charlotte bless, while john cusack as hillary van wetter is beyond disturbing. beyond!! he remains one of my favorite actors but until i see him in another role, i will continue to be haunted by his performance.
i will also be haunted by the ending of the film. although very different from the novel, it is quite an ending at that.
this talkie was given mixed reviews, and did not rate highly overall. however, it rated extremely high in my books. 
if dark, sexy, or thrilling, well-written scripts with great actors interest you, then you must watch the paperboy.


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