favorite fridays.

vintage cheese crate/spool holder.

i have a habit of taking objects and not using them for their intended purposes. stick around, and you will begin to see that. ;-)


on our previous blog, i posted a diy of an easy bobbin stand.

while it is very practical to have something like that if you only have a few spools, possessing any more than say, twenty, starts to create problem. (unless you have a gigantic picture frame!)

my collection of spools grew considerably when my mother-in-law found a vintage and wooden lot at their local store and purchased them for me. they were so interesting, so i knew that i had to display them. i searched around for a few weeks before i finally came across an antique cheese crate on urban outfitters website.


did you know that their online store has a category specifically for vintage treasures? you must check it out!

i especially love the crate because cheese has been my favorite food ever since i was a little girl.

DSCN5936 DSCN5944DSCN5942 DSCN5948

combining design with nostalgia? a home run in my book. :-)


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  1. You have a very nice website over here. I just wanna thank you for all the interesting information on it. I’ll follow your site if you keep up the good work!

  2. Thanks for popping over to my space so I could trace you back to yours…it’s lovely here. :)

    • thank you.

      yours is incredibly lovely as well! i couldn’t help but comment. :-)

  3. Wow! It looks awesome, I really love it!! Thanks for sharing this with us ;) xox

  4. It looks absolutely fabulous!

  5. Love the crate, jealous of the bobbins!!

  6. luv the vintage crate and the spools! I’m a total fan of wooden spools. Thanks for dropping over to my blog too my in-law family are Canadians and Newfie’s so great to meet you

  7. I am OBSESSED with that wooden crate. OBSESSED. It’s gorgeous and the cheese grater as decoration is pretty freaking fabulous too.

    • hahaha. i heart your comment very much. thank you.

      p.s. books and bowel movements? super hilarious!

  8. Oh this is a great idea! And I love the rustic look.


    • please do! but be armed with your credit card because they have such wonderful and rare finds. :)

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