bicycle trailer diy.

*g* and i don’t have children yet.

what we have are two dogs and one cat that we treat like our kids. 


two of our pets, holly golightly and truman capote, like to go everywhere with us. this makes me feel so guilty at times because although i always try to take them along, sometimes we are prohibited from doing so. this used to be the case for bike rides.

*g* and i both own vintage bicycles that we like to cruise around on. with living a stone’s throw from the river, bike rides are always so fun and so gorgeous to take. leaving holl and tru, however, is not so fun.

this year i made sure that we would come up with a solution so that they could start coming with us. *g* and i decided to buy a bike trailer and to alter it so that our not-so-little-senior-dog-with-a-weight-problem could comfortably fit inside without breaking through the bottom. 

this is what *g* did.


1. we purchased a trailer.


2. next he measured and cut a piece of wood to the dimensions of the trailer.


3. then he fastened four l-brackets to the trailer’s metal bars.


4. he finished by screwing the wood to the brackets. 

i’ll never tire of hearing “there are dogs in there!” or whizzing past other pedestrians with animals and seeing their startled faces when there comes a low growling noise from our bike trailer. :-)


now it really is ‘outdoor fitness fun for the entire family’!


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  1. This is too funny – well done, I’m sure the pups love it. I’m not sure my legs would be strong enough to peddle with Eko in tow but luckily he prefers to run!

    • if only our dogs preferred to run!

      i’m sure that eko is not missing out on anything though. it looks like your dog has a very nice life already. :-)


  3. MaK

     /  07/10/2013

    Love the photo of your bike on the riverbank. Remember the family that plays together stays together.

    • we are lucky to have the river here! it’s so pretty. :-)

      also, the family that prays together stays together, and we don’t do much of that. :-S so we’ll go with ‘play’!

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