phone photos.

here are some recent pictures of life that i captured with my cellphone.

photo_1photo_3 photo_2photo_004photo_06photo_5photo_8 photo_7photo_091. dear prudence.

2.  truman capote.

3. lace flower pots.

4. holly golighty and *e*.

5. anniversary fleurs from *g*.

6. ordering food at the hospital.

7. *e* at parent’s farm.

8. truman capote fast asleep.

9. georgia o’keeffe.

the weekend is almost here! let’s pray for sunshine and happiness. :-)

p.s. if any of you lovely folks have instagram, let’s follow one another here.


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  1. hey scarlett! i LOVE your st. bernard!!! :o) soooooooooo friggin cool! and i love the other dogs in these shots too! ah… only a little while longer till i finish grad school and get a nice huge dog as well. thank you for sharing this link with me! have a great one! hope you stop by my blog again soon! :o)

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