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chicken wire cupboard diy.


our latest addition to our home was a new bedroom. when we bought little green, the basement was unfinished and had a 6 foot high ceiling. (that is probably why it had been left unfinished for all of these years). since *g* and i could fit down there without getting a concussion, we thought that it was a waste of good space. we therefore decided to develop it.

the first task was to install a bedroom window. next, our contractor came in and went to work. the bedroom took all of seven days to complete. we decided to finish painting, staining, and installing switch plates, light fixtures, and other decor ourselves. this included reworking the built-in cupboard that he installed in order to give us extra storage. 


this was the cupboard before our diy.


this was after i wallpapered the shelves.


*g* used his circular saw to remove the inner piece of the door, and we bought chicken wire to be used as the insert.

IMG_1539 IMG_1548

these are the after photos (but before we got to the staining process).


we also bought new hardware for the door.


this was a time consuming project, but one that adds much more personality to our little room. in two wednesdays from now i will post all of the photos of our finished bedroom!


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  1. I luv working with chicken wire – wierd I know! It’s got such a great shape with the circles not quire circle or square and always adds a bit of texture and shininess! Luv your built in!


    • do you really love working with it? well then you must be much better with chicken wire than we are. we found it sort of difficult, but did find the end result worth it. i think that we just need more practice. :-)

      what sorts of projects do you make with the wire?


  2. "L"

     /  07/25/2013

    What an awesome idea–I never would have thought to use chicken wire in that way! It is precious, and I LOVE those floors!


    • thank you! the official post on our new bedroom will come in just under two weeks from now, so keep an eye out for it! (i will say that the floors are laminate … cute, durable, and inexpensive.)


      • "L"

         /  07/25/2013

        I will definitely keep an eye out for that post! Wow–I’d never have known the floors were laminate. They are fabulous…and “cute, durable, and inexpensive” are 3 things that I LOVE when it comes to home improvement!


  3. Oh that cupboard is so cute! Good thing you guys are able to fit down there comfortably! I’m 5’11” so I’d be hitting my head if I was wearing shoes!

    Ladyface Blog


    • thanks! you are 5’11”? i am so jealous! i’m only 5’3″. no wonder your outfits look so good on you!


  4. jkeller0072013

     /  07/24/2013

    Great work on the bedroom; I really like the flooring. Tell my apprentice *g* the trim work looks great!


  5. That is so awesome! Super cute and creative. :)


  6. MaryAnn Keller

     /  07/24/2013

    Hurry with the completions…..I’m coming to stay!

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