favorite fridays.


this past sunday i invited my family over for supper. not a big deal right? it’s only a few people. wrong! after it is all said and done, there are fourteen of us that make up my side of the family. to top it all off, *g* was working that day, so i was left to clean the entire house, set up the tables, chairs, and place settings, and cook almost everything by myself. complaining aside, i really didn’t mind. it was actually lots of fun!

as i mentioned in wednesday’s post, the family supper also doubled as a going away party for my brother’s family. they are moving across canada to start a new life. we wish them luck. :-)

IMG_2221_zps619839d6 IMG_2228_zps3b408440IMG_2231_zpsaa5e4d71IMG_2237_zps111489bcIMG_2245_zps1b131611IMG_2274_zps8685b42bIMG_2259_zps600ae95eIMG_2275_zpsac1d77aaIMG_2273_zps26bb7b2cIMG_2278_zps9856abc6 i will definitely not be forgetting moments like these anytime soon!



  1. Joanne S

     /  09/30/2013

    What a nice day! Beautiful photo’s.


  2. Very nice table settings. Cant imagine entertaining such a large group.


  3. jkeller0072013

     /  08/05/2013

    Great food, great company and great photos to capture it all. Thanks again for everything; you guys are wonderful hosts.


  4. ShellySig

     /  08/02/2013

    Love your blog!! I am now following you too!


  5. I love the white pitcher and rustic bench!


    • ty! that cow pitcher is one of my favorites, and *g* and i built that bench with leftover wood and logs. :-)


  6. MaryAnn

     /  08/02/2013

    Admittedly a lot of prep is involved. But well worth the effort. Good surroundings good food good weather good company and as my dear dad would say ‘good lord lets eat’.


  • Hello, friends. My name is Emory. I live on the Canadian prairies with my husband, daughter, and animals. Welcome!

  • F*ck. I’m not sure how much more my little bug can take. Looking back at my @Instagram posts, Remy began to get sick exactly one month ago. Since then, she has had the flu, strep throat twice, and now what is essentially scarlet fever. We spent our morning at the hospital and even after a plethora of tests, she came home in good spirits- playing with our dog and her dolls and giving us hug after hug. My heart breaks for her, and for everyone else with a sick child. It’s not easy. I feel broken inside. My little wanderer.
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