ramble tamble.

i know that on hello scarlett, we keep stating that ‘this is my favorite band’ or ‘this is my favorite book’ or ‘this is my favorite such and such’. i hope that instead of being tiring for you readers, it just goes to show that *g* and i have lots of favorites. i look at it as being a good thing, and that we are two people who are easy to please. ;-)

credence clearwater revival is one of my favorite bands. when i was a girl, my mum would always have the golden oldies playing on the radio. thus my current preference for classic hits was highly unavoidable. moreover, for as long as i can remember i have always had an appreciation for ccr. it wasn’t until *g* and i were dating, though, that i bought my first record by them.

“ramble tamble” is the song that i most associate our dating days. i will never forget the first time that my crosley record player played through this song. *g* and i literally stopped in our tracks to listen to the music. after it finished, we played it again and again that night, and almost every night afterwards.

i chose this song specifically today because it is the first day of our week-long camping trip. i hope that if you listen to “ramble tamble” it instills the same feelings of love, contentment, and nostalgia that it brings to me. meanwhile, we and i will be driving up north with our belongings, dogs, and music in tow. :-))))

like john fogerty sings, “down the road i go.”


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  1. Mum

     /  08/12/2013

    And o my goodness I shall miss you! Drive safely. If you see a bear…run in the opposite direction…yes even if you are still in the car. Wear a life jacket at all times. Even if you are sunbathing. You never know when a tidal wave can appear out of nowhere. Carry a map and a compass. I don’t trust G. Better yet carry a hatchet. Might come in handy. Don’t talk to strangers. They are NOT your friends. Boil your water. You don’t know where it’s been. Refer to your local wildlife book. Constantly. Don’t take your eyes off it be aware of your surroundings. Those woods CAN be a threat. And have fun. I love you.


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