work style.

1_zps88df04f6this particular outfit of mine is one that is very fitting for one of my places of work. the library.

3_zps60c6ada0peter pan collar, cardigan, glasses, and a pop of colour? you can be sure to find me hiding somewhere in the stacks while i am quickly trying to gather material for myself before a patron flags me down for some assistance!

IMG_2486_zps83c45a82i wore: an alfred sung cardigan, ebay dress, lululemon tights, lotta from stockholm clogs, and a h&m headband.


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  1. What, you work in a library? Me too! I used to work at Saskatoon Public maaany years ago.
    An excellent look for work or otherwise!

  2. Mum

     /  08/13/2013

    Lovely and soooo appropriate. I would add one more item, however, a tissue tucked in the sleeve of your cardy. Librarians are never without.

    • oh mother. rude, but you would know also having worked in the system … :-)

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