if you have been following hello scarlett, you might have noticed that my hair is very short and very blonde. i have had short hair for most of my life! i find it easier to manage, more fun to style, and most of all, i feel like myself when it is cut short. however, it has never been so short as it has been over the past 2 years.

so, dear readers, i feel as if it is time for a change. a few weeks ago i had my hair colored dark and started parting it more in the middle. (this latter part is a big deal since my signature look has always been side-swept bangs.) the goal? “gimme a head with hair, long beautiful hair.” 



would you like to come along this journey with me?


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  1. sf

     /  10/16/2013

    I know whatcha mean about waiting for your hair to grow! I used to have my hair long past my waist and had really treasured it because I even went through Army training with it all bunned up tight (got yelled at a lot when it got crazy loose). But then last year, I had cut it all the way short to a boy’s haircut. Many people were asking me if I had it cut at a barber shop! It was shocking to me how bad it looked because it was a very fancy beauty shop where I had cut it and where I used to go to years ago for highlights. Anyhow, my hair’s now only a little past my shoulders and it’s already been over a year! Carumba! My sis says it will definitely not even reach the middle of my back by January. Sigh. Maybe by the middle of next year then. Ya look great with any do! Love your cute (50-ish?) outfits too!


  2. atreefor2

     /  08/20/2013

    love the comment of your mum..
    I got the same “unpaid hairstylist” as well! good luck and patience!


  3. "L"

     /  08/19/2013

    It looks so super cute! I’m envious that you can cut your hair so short. I have SUPER curly hair that is super long. I can blow dry it straight, but that takes waaaay too much effort. I’d die to be able to get a pixie cut. We always want what we can’t have!


    • “we always want what we can’t have.” isn’t that the truth! if only we could trade lengths … although, a curly pixie is just about the cutest thing ever. you should try it? :-)


  4. Mum

     /  08/19/2013

    Well….as your unpaid hairstylist, I am very much looking forward to the change. Bring on the hair!! Oh it’s going to be a long and bumpy ride I can tell. I am going to hide all mirrors, color and most importantly, scissors. Next we will be ditching the specs.


    • rather than paying you with money, i pay you with love. you are my mother, after all. :-)

      yes hide your scissors please. i do have a tendency to cut my own hair when you are not looking!


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