what i bought.

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striped peplum tee .

i have a question for my family, friends, and followers. how do you do your online shopping?

recently, i have been buying more and more through etsy. while i generally find clothes priced more inexpensively on ebay, i am coming to realize that the quality of items and the service is much better on etsy.

that being said, when you find a new and very trendy shirt on ebay for the price of two coffees (with free shipping), a seller’s friendliness  is probably low on your list of expectations! bonus? it is incredibly cute in person and even cuter when it is worn. :-)

IMG_01_1 IMG_02-03_1IMG_04_1

this is why i will forever be an ebayer. hello deals!!!


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  1. I prefer amazon for most items except clothes. That i still love doing in person :-)

  2. Highly descriptive blog, I liked that a lot. Will there be a part 2?

  3. Ebay and Amazon are my favorites right now

  4. Adore the shirt and would die for a pair of shoes like that…I do enjoy Etsy.

    • ty!! the shoes are actually by lotta from stockholm. she sells beautiful items both on her own website, and on ebay, of course. ;-) they’re a tad pricey but comfortable and receive compliments each time they are worn! well, well, well worth it!!

  5. Cute! I love ebay, especially for vintage bags! I was just having a conversation with my friend Sarah about this today: I order a lot of stuff online but only things I already have or accessories, i.e. jeans on sale in a different color than I already have. Otherwise the fit is off more often than not and I have to return/exchange it.

    • ordering anything online for your bottom half really is a huge gamble. i just try to stick to the top half/dresses/accessories. that way, it is less of a risk!

      also, because the items i purchase on ebay tend to be on the inexpensive side, if they don’t quite fit, i will just go to a fabric store and change the item so that it is the perfect fit! online shopping can make a gal get creative. ;-)

      speaking of ordering bags online, i just placed an order for a betsey johnson purse. ebay certainly has a plethora of bags, i must agree with you there! :-)

  6. O, that is an adorable little top!

    I generally buy from either romwe.com or the more local bidorbuy.co.za (South Africa) – free shipping is a must for me- but our customs really puts me off :( I have found that sometimes more expensive for me to retrieve my package from the post office than to purchase it in the first place.

    • really? how disheartening. sometimes shipping prices tend to be nothing short of murder. customs on top of that … what a nightmare. if there was some way that i could secretly ship items to you for free, i would!

  7. Adorable top! I love peplum, and I’m so happy it’s in style. As for online shopping, I do more of it for books on Amazon. SUPER cheap and when you buy as many as I do, definitely needed.

    • oh my goodness, i agree with you completely. amazon definitely is my website of choice when ordering books! however, amazon.com is much better than amazon.ca. why can’t canadian sites ever have the same quality of goods as american sites? :-( *tear*

      • Oh, you’re from Canada? Cool! I guess I didn’t realize there were different amazon sites. Bummer!

        • yes! so please stop tempting me with your great webpages. only kidding. maybe i can get some of my american followers to do my book shopping for me? :-)

          thank you for letting me know about your online sites of choice!

  8. What a cute top! I tend to do online shopping only if I can do free shipping and free returns. I’m a tough fit, so I need the option to be able to send it back without being out any money. Seriously, though. This top is such a great find!

    Ladyface Blog

    • some ebayers do offer returns, but usually only if you pay for shipping costs. in your case, i think that it is better to stick with bigger companies that offer returns at no cost. :-)

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