the liebster award.


faithful followers,

would you like to know why being a blogger is better than being an actor? because every season is award season in the blogging world! another exciting fact? hello scarlett has been nominated for an award! the liebster award.

this award is for blogs with less than 200 followers, and is also a way of finding new blogs to follow. the rules:

1. each nominee must link back the person who nominated them

2. each nominee must answer the 10 questions which are given to them by the nominator

3. each nominee must nominate 10 other bloggers for this award (who have less than 200 followers)

4. each nominee must create 10 questions for their nominees to answer

5. each nominee must let their choices know that they have been nominated by going to their blog and notifying them

to answer the amazing and wonderful blogger (and knower of all things vintage) who chose hello scarlett

1. what’s your favourite savoury dish?

that would have to be pizza. more specifically, from my favorite place that *g* and i call every saturday night! 

2. what’s your ideal holiday destination?

someplace that is extremely haunted! there has to be much history, and even more ghosts. :-)

3. how would you describe your style?

modern + whimsical ballerina?

4. who’s your role model?

my mother.

5. what’s your biggest fear?

it would be if something were to happen to my immediate family or my pets. i shudder just to think of that. next question!

6. what’s your dream job?

i am doing them! i work at the university as a research assistant. i also work at the public library as a library assistant. i also blog and have an online store. i am also a housekeeper. i feel so blessed to love all of my jobs. :-)

7. what’s your favourite movie?


8. tell me one thing you’d like to own but you can’t afford

anything by band of outsiders. i dream of the day that i can own one of their items of clothing … 

9. what’s your motto?

be humble, keep your nose to the grindstone, travel everywhere, be good to your family, be even better to your pets, and try to love your life or try change it.

10. describe yourself in three words

(right now) tired, happy, fulfilled

now for the fun part! hello lovely nominees:

in good company

life is beauty flaw

the invention of living

sammy handmade

swanky & dapper

rohma malik

wildrose gypsy

a tree for 2

shoebox living

style steno

hello new questions:

1. how did you choose the name of your blog?

2. what is your most written about topic?

3. if you could meet anyone (dead or alive), who would it be?

4. who is your favorite author?

5. what is your most cherished memory?

6. what is the most embarrassing event in your life?

7. if you could shift into any animal whenever you wanted to, what would it be? (true blood fans, now is your chance!)

8. what is your favorite item that you own?

9. if you could ask someone you know a question that you’ve been holding back, what would that question be?

10. do you believe in love at first site?

i apologize if i missed any great blogs, or if i could not include you due to the number of followers. you are all amazing, so keep it up! until next time … :-)


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  1. Hi Scarlet! Thank you sooo much for nominating me to this award! This is so awesome and I love how it’s focusing on small blogs! There are so many amazing ones “out-there” (like yours)!I I’m so excited now… yay… yay!

    Big Hug!
    (Ps. Sorry for the slow reply here. I’ve been moving my body from Europe to Asia so been slightly out of it the last couple of days!)


  2. Ha! I knew it: you canadians rock!
    thank you sweet scarlett for the nomination! I feel so honored! and as soon as I’m out of our messy-pipe-duct-situation and out of the trench I’m going to post it on atreefor2!
    send you some kisses & hugs from the site.
    xo Katharina&Martin


  3. Thank you for the nomination I have linked you in my blog post xx


  4. liagoesvintage

     /  09/06/2013

    Great answers!:D Also, thank you for your lovely words.
    PS Are you a postdoctoral research assistant? Lx


    • goodness no! i wish that i had that much education, but unfortunately i don’t. i would be working even more jobs to pay off that much schooling!


  5. thanks for the nomination, sweet lady. and YES! us canadians gotta stick together :)


  6. THANKS for the nomination!!! Appreciate your love for my blog… your a doll!!! Keep up the wonderful work… we are in the field right now, busy with harvest… but I will be sure to do this & pass it on! xox WRG


    • you’re very welcome! you deserve it. :-)

      (i also could not pass up nominating a fellow canadian)!


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  • Hello, friends. My name is Emory. I live on the Canadian prairies with my husband, daughter, and animals. Welcome!

  • A horribly blurry picture that pretty much sums up our week together. It's been 5 days and our home is nearly flu-free. Dada is off working in a different province, (smiles aside) Remy is not happy with me today, our house is a renovation disaster, and I have a photography session scheduled tomorrow that I'm not yet sure if I need to hire a babysitter for. I'm not going to lie, I'm really looking forward to this week being over with. It was not easy, however that's life. There is so much that I do have to be thankful for! We are in good health 99% of the time. My husband finally has a great job. I am lucky to be able to work when I want at what I want. We have a house. Most importantly, I have my little goose to snuggle with. I sincerely hope that if anyone else is having a bad day/week/month/year, that you can also find the silver lining. Our own life is not for everyone, nor is it Instagram perfect. If we're lucky, it is the one that we desire, even in the difficult times. Enjoy your weekend! Thank goodness for breastfeeding. My darling caught her first flu yesterday. I tried giving her bland foods and drinks all day- she wouldn't touch them. Then I tried her favourites- still nothing. Instead, all she wanted to do was nurse round the clock. That is how we spent the majority of the day- nursing, bathing, cuddling, barfing, repeating.
My goal was to breastfeed Remy until she was 18 months old. After that I had no plans. As she is nearing month 19 earthside, I've discovered that she has no intention of stopping. 
On the rare occasions when she's sick, I'm reminded of why we have kept it up for this long, and why we keep on going. I'm almost certain that she would've become dehydrated yesterday if it wasn't for me nursing her. So although fed is best, the breast is truly a gift.
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