ebay dress restyle.


do you remember this dress?


after having owned it for a year, and never being in love with the sleeves, i decided to make some changes to it so that it would feel like a new dress again. this is what i did.


i bought some lace.


then i removed the sleeves and replaced them with my new purchase.


i also sewed some lace onto the bottom of the dress.


the total price for this project was $5. considering that the dress itself was only $5, i think that it was a good investment!



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  • Choose love. Thank you all for the love on my previous post. Grief is an awful thing that each and every one of us go through. I'm so thankful for this amazing community of wonderful people. I know I haven't been very present on it lately (or probably too present to some of you), but much has changed and I'm trying to focus more on "real life" as opposed to these beautiful, tiny squares that offer us snippets into other worlds. That's not to say that I find @Instagram any less important! I still consider it to be a vital part of social media and love it to death. I'm merely going through personal stuff. I plan to return to posting daily once things have settled down over here. Until then, keep showing me photographs of your lives. I cherish such views. (Here's a picture from last week's engagement session.)
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