what i bought.


it is always a gamble to buy clothing online. if any of you have ever done it, you will be well aware of this fact. however, like gambling, online shopping is also addicting. getting an item that ends up fitting and looking perfectly is like winning a hand at a card table, and it only makes you want to wager again.

when i received this particular dress in the mail and opened its package, i immediately felt as if i had hit the jackpot! not only was this dress so much edgier in person, but the wonderful seller had sent along the cutest surprise, a ring! now, each and every time that i wear this dress, i make sure that i am also wearing my new accessory. :-)


i guess that the moral of the story is that while shopping online may not always turn out for the better, when it does, it is so worth it! have a great week, friends. :-)))


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  1. I love your dress xx

  2. the dress does look wonderful on you! i love it against that red brick backdrop :) x

    • thank you! yes, it wasn’t intentional, but the red was a good choice in the end. :-) a happy accident!

  3. Looking great. :D

  4. Very cute dress! You look great!

  5. wow..!! Your outfit speaks a lot about the latest trend.Love your style.
    Amazing :)

    • thanks! normally i don’t try to follow trends, but how could i pass this cute item up? :-)

  6. That dress is super cute! The fit is fantastic!

    Ladyface Blog

    • like i said, i really lucked out with this one! and it was new and priced at only $10! love ebay. :-)

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