little green does hallowe’en.


dear readers,

i realize that it is only october 2nd, and that most of you are already getting tired of hallowe’en posts. well guess what? here comes another one!

IMG_2-3 IMG_5-6

first of all, we grew two pumpkins! with all of the rain that came over the summer, and because our garden is mostly in the shade, i did not expect anything except rhubarb to grow. how wrong i was! mother nature sure surprised us this season. (actually, i think that pumpkins flourish in the shade. am i wrong?) regardless, it was a happy surprise. :-)

IMG_3-4 IMG_5.jpg

with hallowe’en comes our trusty fall wreath and two little wire pumpkins. like little green, they are small and somewhat bare, but i consider my style to be a whimsical minimalist. thus, i am very happy with these items.


truman started playing with the broom and rather than deleting these photos, i thought that they were somewhat reminiscent of a witch and her broom. that is why i have included them here for you. :-)


i could not forget about what we have laying around the house! i love this holiday so much that i regularly collect hallowe’en items and keep them on display all year round. call me crazy.


really, how could you not like seeing little green all decked out in festive wear? it’s like an outfit post, but for a house. maybe i should do more of these. ;-)))

p.s. if you have already made a hallowe’en post on your blog, please leave a link to it in the “hello comments” field below. i would love to see your creations!



  1. Wonderful Halloween outfit for little green! It’s fit’s the occation perfectly (only St.Patricks day would have been a better match =) … Truman is also so cute! I’m so jealous..I badly want to have a pet but think it would be cruel to leave him alone in this little flat the the whole days… Long-term plan! Hugs Bella


  2. Loving the green for Halloween. I have made a Cleopatra Costume for my daughter.


  3. love the decoration and my oh my.. two pumpkins grown in your garden.. that’s wonderful.. :D
    thank you for the lovely pictures.


  4. Love it! I like Little Green’s Halloween outfit very much!

    Ladyface Blog


  5. Love the pics and the nature around there.


    • yes, canada in the fall really is very pretty. while little green still needs much cosmetic work, the area that we live in is the oldest in the city. old = character = beauty.



  6. I love your house – and its Hallowe’en outfit!


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