deer oh dear.


between diy-ing them, or wearing them, i’ve noticed that i own quite the collection of deer motifs. whether its their antlers, bodies, or heads, they can be found around little green in all forms! but have no fear regarding these deer, for they are not real. i am a vegetarian, after all. :-)


let’s begin our tour with buck jr. purchased from urban outfitters, he was the deer that started off this collection. for that reason, i cherish him the most.

IMG_3.jpg IMG_4-5

we refer to this guy as buck jr. jr. having at one time belonged to my gedo, he came to us after gedo passed away. i spray painted him white and hung him above our staircase with our other assortment of animals.

IMG_6.jpg IMG_8.jpg

i purchased these deer decals on ebay over a year ago. oh, how i love decals! little green is currently adorned with them, since i find them to be  easy to apply, inexpensive, and very unique. take this decal, for instance. i am so pleased with the way it looks adorning this vintage crate. das ist sehr wunderbar!

IMG_9.jpg IMG_10.jpg

getting back to urban outfitters, for the longest time we had no towel hooks for our bathroom. i knew that i wanted something other than a plain old bar, but at the same time i knew that most hooks were quite unstable. that’s when i came across these lovely items. i was so thrilled with their actual size and weight, not to mention the fact that they are absolutely incredible looking! uo, you did it again. :-)))


last, but certainly not least, is our year-round wreath hanger. while it is really intended to be a seasonal item, i did not have the heart to take it down after winter ended. besides, i think that it gives visitors an indication of our design sense. what could be better than that?

tell me, what are some of your collections that you have around your homes?


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  1. atreefor2

     /  10/24/2013

    hahaha! oh deer, I’m the same with birds!


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  3. I love those deers! Would mind if I had one in my appartment ;)


  4. Deers are super cute. They remind me about Home ( Sweden ). Unfortunately, they are also super tasty ( I feel so bad writing this since you are vegetarian). My only excuse is that we have way too many of them and become a danger on the road. Just trying to justifying myself here. I don’t have a particular animal that’s reoccurring in my home. Instead, I’m crazy for pink details: I have a pink pagoda, a pink vase, a pink floral painting, chinese pink knots, pink towels and carpet for the bathroom … basically there a little pink details everywhere! Any man living with me just have to accept it ;)

    XXX – Bella


    • but at the same time, bella, any man who lives with it must truly love you! … or secretly love pink ;-))


  5. What a great motif, especially for someone who doesn’t kill and eat them :)


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