photography backdrop stand diy.


for awhile now, i have been photographing outfits and objects in almost every room of little green in hopes of finding the most agreeable background. ask any blogger and they will almost always tell you of at least one favourite location to shoot photos within their homes. my sweet little photography spot is in little green’s living room. however, because it also doubles as an entrance way and home office, it can get pretty cluttered. also, because one wall has been painted black, and the other painted black and white, my subjects can quite easily become overshadowed by paint colour. my goal? to create a backdrop stand. :-)))


i began by purchasing two inexpensive clothing racks. the simpler, wider, and taller, the better. i got these for a really great price!


next, i tracked down two heavy curtains. i initially was going for white, but when i came across this particular reversible pair, i had to buy them. i thought that it would be a great way to have two different backdrop colours in one.


time to assemble.


after the racks were set up, i was ready to hang the curtains.


last, i attached both clothes racks together.


talk about an easy solution to a backdrop stand! i hope that you enjoyed it. :-)))


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  1. sf

     /  02/13/2014

    Great idea! That’s cool that the curtains had fit the clothes racks, cuz the racks looked pretty thick. I love racks. Although they make clothes look messy to hang on, it’s easier to pull clothes off of, than from the closet.

  2. hello wouaw it ‘s awesome what you did yourself lol
    i have a sister like you she has gold in her hand
    thank you
    see you

  3. This is awesome and brilliant!

  4. Great idea! I need something like this.

  5. Love it! How tall did it turn out?

    • they’re about 5 and 1/2 feet high. ideally, i would like them to be higher, but i plan on putting them up on boards when i have taller specimens to photograph. i’m just a shortie. ;-)

  6. LOVE IT!!



  8. This is easy and perfect for my craft show booth too!

  9. I think I need one of these to photograph my stuff in front of. Right now I’m working around piles of clutter and busy walls. Great idea!

  10. miiu

     /  11/04/2013

    the curtains will probably require ironing before you can start shooting, right? i absolutely love the idea and may or may not steal it someday :D thanks for a great DIY!

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    • they do need it, but followers of my blog know that i like everything to be natural and work itself out (ie. wrinkles ;-)))).

      i embrace the imperfect, it only makes things that much more interesting and unique!!

  11. Mum

     /  11/04/2013

    A dandy idea. Looking forward to seeing shots against this.

  12. What a great solution – and very creative!

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