s for snow. v for vendetta.


Saskatoon_Bridge_Winter_14.jpg Saskatoon_Bridge_Winter_16.jpgIMG_Tru.jpg Saskatoon_Bridge_Winter_17.jpgnow i cannot speak for all of canada, but where we live, we seemed to have completely skipped fall. we went from an indian summer to our first big snowfall on sunday. and i was looking forward to having my favourite season come our way! c’est la vie, i suppose. here come the warm, patterned sweaters, cute dresses, colourful socks, and trendy boots. :-)

Saskatoon_Roxy_1.jpg Saskatoon_Roxy_2.jpg


to celebrate winter coming early (not really), we went to see a movie on the silver screen. the roxy theatre will always be one of my favourite theatres. you may be able to see why from these photographs. take me back to the prohibition era any day. that is, for the fashion and architecture, not the social conflicts. ;-)))

Saskatoon_Roxy_3.jpg Saskatoon_Roxy_4.jpgSaskatoon_Roxy_6.jpg
hello, winter. i am ready for you!


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  1. wow so pretty! I know I’ll get tired of snow pretty soon, but I kind of wish it already snowed! Where in Canada are you? We’re near the Canadian border in Idaho, and it’s still gray and dark..


  2. oh love the pictures! :)


  3. Gorgeous. Not too long until the snow hits here in Michigan! Looking forward to the winter fashion as well. :)


  4. seefancylove

     /  11/08/2013

    The snow looks so lovely. I miss winter weather. Still feels like summer on some days in LA.


  5. Mum

     /  11/07/2013

    Lovely E. Love your little snow dog. And I especially am fond of the pic of you strolling nonchalantly. Nice life you have.


    • thanks mama! truman is pretty cute, and yes our life is nice. i’d better enjoy it while it lasts. ;-)))


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