tree branch diy(s).

IMG_1.jpganyone by now can probably tell that the decor in little green leans more towards the natural and whimsical. bringing nature into your home is not only light on your wallet, but is big on your imagination. hello, creativity!

IMG_2.jpg IMG_3.jpglet’s start with a look at our hat rack. first inspired by  apartment therapy, i knew that as soon as i saw the idea to use tree branches in the place of hooks, hangers, and traditional coat racks, i was “hooked.” we spray painted ours white so that it would contrast nicely against our black wall.

IMG_4.jpgIMG_5.jpg IMG_6.jpgthese tree coasters were another great idea of ours. this time, i was inspired by emma’s diy of tree side tables, of all things. when i saw the first picture of a coffee cup resting on a tree stump, i immediately thought of coasters. it was a natural transition in my mind. so we made them, and i have loved them ever since.

IMG_7.jpg IMG_9.jpglast, but not least, is our last coat rack. this one can be found in little green’s little back porch. i still think that these racks look more like modern art than something useful. form follows function? more like function and form are completely on par. :-)))

i hope that everyone has had a nice long weekend. let’s all take time some out today to spend it reflecting, and perhaps, crafting.



  1. I think we have the same log burner!!

  2. Love the coasters! So cute. Love the natural element in decor

  3. Great ideas!! *__*

  4. perhapslife

     /  11/12/2013

    Affordable interesting idea. I want to find my perfect branch to DIY now.

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    Cassandra | Backtofive

  5. The Fashion Fraction

     /  11/12/2013
  6. I love this project!! I like the mix of the clean crisp white and the natural branches! I agree, it does look like a piece of art, but thats what makes it interesting.

  7. I’d love to have a suspended branch for a clothing rack… One day when I have my own little house!

    • that makes me so happy to hear that!! i hope that day will come soon for you.


  9. Mum

     /  11/11/2013

    Is your mind as clean and uncluttered as little green? Something to strive for.

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