hair tie diy.

IMG_1.jpgtoday on hello scarlett, i am going to show you how to make the world’s easiest hair accessory. literally. there will be no gluing, stitching, or assembling.

IMG_2.jpgthis is what you will need:

– material of your choice

– scissors

IMG_3.jpgcut your hair tie to the length of your arm. i doubled mine since i wrap it twice around (in an attempt to quell my curls).

IMG_4.jpgthen tie,

IMG_5.jpgand enjoy!

i first started doing wearing this look a few weeks ago when my hair became long enough to put behind my ears, but still so short that i couldn’t keep it back in an elastic. lately, i’ve also been wearing it in its natural curly state hoping that it will grow faster.

IMG_6.jpg IMG_7.jpgthe first time that i did this diy, i made my hair tie out of twine. it blended so well with my hair that everyone thought that i had somehow tied strands into two bows. to make sure that you could see this tutorial, i chose bright pink. truman also insisted on being in these photos (but we were moving too quickly and they came out as a blur). he’s such a camera hog. ;-)

have a beautiful weekend, friends.


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  1. my hair is way too soft for this, it would slip right off. but it looks so cute in pink!


    • i totally understand! that’s why i make mine curly; so that it stays put. or, sometimes i will take hair from either side of the string and put a little braid in order to secure it better. works like a charm! ;-)))

      also, twine is much rougher in nature. if you wanted to try this diy, i suggest doing it with twine!

      hope this helps!


  2. geo

     /  11/16/2013

    love it!!!! omg!!!!


  3. Mum

     /  11/15/2013

    Hair hair my kingdom for hair! JennLaw! Love the hair!!!!well done E.


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