New Years Eve – Wire Crown DIY

IMG.jpgWire Crown:


Wire cutters

IMG_1.jpgStretch the wire to about the length of your arm, then double it.

IMG_2.jpgCut the wire from the rest of the roll. Cut that piece of wire in half.

IMG_3.jpgUse one half of the wire to form the base of a crown. Use the cutters to twist the ends around the crown.

IMG_5.jpg IMG_4.jpgWith the other half of the wire, use the cutters to twist one end around the base of your crown.

IMG_6.jpgStart to form triangles with the wire. Do one at a time and be sure to wrap each end around the crown before beginning the next triangle. Make as many as you can. (Optional- cut another piece of wire in order to add a chin strap.)

IMG_7.jpg IMG_8.jpgIMG_9.jpg
Many of the blogs that I follow show pictures of these whimsical wire crowns. Since they are so simple to make, I was debating whether or not to even post this DIY. However, given that New Years Eve is just days away, I thought that this was probably the only time that I could get away with it! It is, after all, the perfect craft to make for yourself and friends on this festive night. I know that I will definitely be making more if we end up being the hosts of a party. :-)))

Have a wonderful weekend! 


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  1. It is so cuuuute !


  2. seefancylove

     /  12/27/2013

    So fun, I love it!


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