let it snow, let it snow (part 2)

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My husband and I have to break up our Christmas holidays. We usually spend Christmas Eve with my family, and then Christmas Day with his. His family also lives out of town on an acreage, so the hour-long drive there Christmas morning feels like a nice way to wind down from the night before. By the time the evening rolls around, we are usually home, tired, and unbelieving of the past few days. Then it’s time to open our gifts from each other.

This Christmas evening, we made sure to watch Red Skelton for Baba. She would always talk about how comical he was, and how she and her husband loved watching his show. Neither one of us had ever seen an episode, and so we felt that it was fitting to watch his Christmas Special for the first time, together, on Christmas night. Then, we finished off the evening with National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, of course. What a wonderful end to another great holiday season. I can’t wait until next year’s Christmas events and photos.




  1. Geo's Mom

     /  01/09/2014

    It was great having you out on Christmas day, your salad was inventive and delicious! I too enjoyed your prairie photos and recognized some of the spots.


  2. My grandma also loved Red Skeleton! Happy to hear you had a wonderful Xmas. :)


  3. geo

     /  01/08/2014

    Love tha post doll! I dunno which i like more tho, part 1 or 2……my nasty stache kinda ruins 2. LOL!


  4. Awesome photos; love the Prairie skies! And glad you enjoyed the holidays. I still need to watch Love Actually again – I can’t resist the lobster at the manger!


    • Love Actually is the perfect Xmas film! Sadly, I didn’t have time to watch it this year. I hope that you enjoy it!


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