walking in a winter wonderland

PHOTO.jpg PHOTO_2.jpgPHOTO_3.jpgPHOTO_4.jpg PHOTO_5.jpgPHOTO_6.jpg PHOTO_7.jpgWith the turn of the New Year, many people have made a resolution to create an exercise goal. However, exercise can become difficult during the long and cold winter months. During December, we had many days where the daily high barely reached -30°F (-34°C). January has not been much better. This has resulted in our daily walks with our dogs being cut from about 1.5 hours to 20 minutes total. Sometimes, it’s even too cold to go to the gym! On those days, I can feel a bit lazy and guilty. Whether it’s true or not, I constantly have to remind myself that tomorrow will be better and I will be able to get back to my normal workout routine. This is why I do not make New Year’s resolutions. There are too many outside factors that can result in various setbacks.

That being said, Truman absolutely loves the snow. He initially does not always want to go outside, but once he does, he is the happiest little guy around. Since he was a puppy, he has hopped like a bunny rather than run like a normal dog. To see him do this through the tall snow banks, makes me thrilled beyond belief. Even in blistery cold weather, I get excited knowing that we will both come back exercised and satisfied. Add a grey day on top of that? Wintery heaven in my eyes.



  1. You have chilly temperatures like us in Astana Emory. I adore Truman’s sweater-coat. Did you knit it?

  2. Truman looks so cute in that sweater! I’d love to have a little of that snow in Seattle. It’s so pretty!

    Becca || Ladyface Blog

  3. Love the snowy pictures.. and living in a winter wonderland too…
    keep warm.. ;)

  4. Mum

     /  01/13/2014

    You are so positive. I only have one thing to say. I shoulda stayed in the city

  5. He is adorable…

  6. The coldest weather I’ve experienced was probably around 3°C, so kudos to you guys – There’s no way I’d even get out of bed in that!

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