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    This was taken one year ago. It's hard to believe that she was so little. At 2.5 months old, I felt like I had already known her for years. Yet, I still had no idea what I was doing. I was a new mother, and I felt completely on my own. I told myself to take it day by day, and so I did. Somehow, she and I made it through and although she's still so young, our bond today is so unbelievably strong. 
If it's not yet apparent, I'm in an extraordinarily sentimental mood. This morning I found a notebook that I had purchased when @omgkersh and I were seriously considering adoption. I was planning on detailing our journey for our future child. Looking at the date of the receipt, it read 02/25/15. Little did I know that exactly one year later, my daughter would be born on 02/25/16. 
I truly believe that we are constantly being shown signs, we just don't always pay attention. I view what happened today as a reminder to stay strong during times of uncertainty. Things usually work out for the better. I just need to have faith. To say that she has a piece of my heart would be an understatement.
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happy birthday

IMG_1.jpg IMG_2.jpgIMG_3.jpg Sunday is the birthday of my partner in life and love, my husband Geoffrey. He is the sweetest, most giving man that I have ever met, and I am so thankful that I was lucky enough to find him. 

You’re Hastings to my Poirot, and Watson to my Sherlock. Let’s be together for many more birthdays. I love you, Geo! 



  1. Lynn Ann king

     /  05/17/2014

    How old now?


  2. sf

     /  01/24/2014

    He’s the Watson to your Sherlock? All right! Holmes rulz.


  3. Geo

     /  01/20/2014

    How sweet babe:) thank you for just being you!!! Mwah!!


  4. I’m a lil’ late, but still, happy birthday to your man!


  5. Geoff and I worked together at Winners years ago, hahaha! :)


  6. Geo's Mom

     /  01/17/2014

    Cute post Em! Hope you two enjoy a fun day, celebrating. Happy Birthday, Bud!





  8. Jord K

     /  01/17/2014

    Happy Birthday Geo. I respect you for taking such great care of my little sister. The stache is looking great; very Watson indeed (the Jude Law version). Enjoy your day.


  9. Mum

     /  01/17/2014

    Sweet tribute to a fine young man. Proud of you and Geo, Emma. Take care of each other.


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