how do you organize your blog?

PHOTO.jpg PHOTO_2.jpgPHOTO_3.jpg PHOTO_4.jpgPHOTO_5.jpg PHOTO_6.jpgPHOTO_7.jpg PHOTO_8.jpgPHOTO_9.jpgToday’s post is really based on a question. How do you keep your blog organized? I have been blogging for over a year now, first on Tumblr and now on WordPress. At first, I blogged whatever came to mind. If you’ve ever taken a look at Tumblr, you might have noticed that it is mostly a site for art photography and GIFs rather than a place to express long write-ups. As a result, I was posting photographs of our travels, house, pets, films, and eventually, DIY projects. At first, there was no organization to my blog. However, after a couple of months, I began to notice that my DIY posts were getting the most likes, and soon enough I was regularly being featured on Tumblr’s homepage. That’s when I started to take blogging more seriously. Within 6 months, I was inspired to switch to WP so that I could really take off on this blogging adventure. 

That being said, I have also become much more organized. I feel that if I have a general layout of the next few days, weeks, or months, that it will positively affect my blog and its overall flow. I want it to feel organic, but subsequently, not too structured. I would love to return to posting 5 days a week, but with the effort that goes into each post — from conception, to preparation, to photography, to editing, to the write-up, to the final draft, it is just not possible. I don’t know about you, but each post takes me hours on end. Right now, I can only come up with 3 to sometimes 4 posts a week. Even that is tough!

Getting back to my initial question, this is how I organize my blog. I work with two calendars, the bigger one serves as my rough draft, whereas the smaller of the two is what I use to finalize my plans. I then keep these calendars in my blogging station, which also consists of DIY books, multiple cameras, and camera gear. Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays are when I usually blog, so I will try to split the week into one DIY post, one lifestyle post, and one recipe/outfit post. However, I aim to never designate a day to any given theme. I tried that in the past, but it felt too stiff. I also write down which days I will be taking the photographs for the upcoming posts. So, my blog ideas are written in big, block letters, while my days to shoot are written in smaller letters and in parentheses. Additionally, I have everything planned out up to two months in advance. This way, my thoughts never get forgotten, and I feel a huge relief knowing that I am well-prepared. How’s that for organized? 


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  1. Thanks for the inspiration toward more order and for visiting me on ‘One day at a time’ – Much Appreciated!


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  3. Dang, girl! I am impressed by your organization skills! I used to plan my posts 1 month out, but having THAT long of a to-do list all the time made me feel like I was constantly behind on things. I’ve defaulted to writing brainstorm lists and then mentally planning my posts a week out. Oddly, it’s been way easier on me and has really helped with my anxiety. I wish I could be as awesomely organized as you, though!

    Becca | Ladyface Blog


  4. Geo

     /  01/20/2014

    Looks great babe, I always knew you were the organized one ;)


  5. I’m very impressed with your system! I put up 2-3 posts a week. Including finding and/or uploading photos, each one takes me 4-6 hours, maybe even more if there’s research involved. I aim for 12 posts a month in total. I don’t do theme days either, but I try to ensure all my main blog themes are covered at least once a month. At the end of each month I review whether my mix of posts that month has created more or less interest than the month before. I go by comments/likes/follows/interactivity and not just hits. I find your blog inspiring because of your photography and design giving it a cohesive look. Plus I can see a Saskatchewan vibe in it which is always a good thing :)


  6. I’m really not very organised at all… lol to be honest I post about once a month, if that and it’s of no particular system what-so-ever!

    I love the look of your blog, #BeautifullyPresented and your pictures are lovely!



  7. Thank you for sharing your organizational tips! It’s hard for me to keep track of what I want to write but now I know I have to be more organized to make it easier :). Thanks!!


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