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IMG_1.jpg IMG_2.jpgIMG_3.jpg IMG_4.jpgIMG_5.jpg IMG_6.jpgIMG_7.jpg IMG_8.jpgIMG_9.jpg IMG_10.jpgIMG_11.jpg IMG_12.jpgIMG_13.jpgEvery once in awhile, I will take a day off from everything. Well, from work at least. Last year, this only happened a total of a handful of times. When I did have a day off, I made sure to cram in a lot! See here. This year is different. I’m beginning to realize just how important it is to check out from life, and to spend the day doing whatever you like and with whomever you like.

This day in particular was no different. I mostly spent it drinking coffee, baking, cleaning, going to the gym, and blogging a little. Yes, I said blogging. I can’t completely ignore the world, now can I? By the time the evening rolled around, everyone was warm and cozy inside our home. It was cold again that night, so having a roaring fire on our tiny electric fireplace and snoring dogs at our feet made us all feel wonderful. I wish that at least one day a week could be a designated time-out day. Who would we talk to about starting that?



  1. I agree! My favourite days are pj days xxx


  2. Geo's Mom

     /  02/03/2014

    Be good to yourself and enjoy your time off; it nurtures your mind body and soul !!


  3. you’ve got yourself some real winter out there! I do prefer taking days off in summer and spending them outside, but winter has its charm too, with all the coziness.


  4. We had a couple of storm days in January when work was actually cancelled and they were definitely time-out days!


  5. Such relaxing pictures! I’m all in for time-out days. Where do I sign up?😉


  6. Mum

     /  02/02/2014

    That’s called the life of a city girl. Come on out here girl throw a couple of bales muck out stalls lift some horses feet drag a few unwilling colts keep an eye out for predators carry another pail of feed and then after the last barn check you and I will really relax.


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