5 manly gifts for valentine’s day

6I may be taking a shot in the dark when I say this, but I’m going to assume that most of my readers on Hello Scarlett are of the female persuasion. I almost feel like breaking out a song from the 90’s when I say “where have all the cowboys gone?” Seriously, though, what gives men?

I really wanted to blog about my top five DIYs, but knew that it would not be practical to repost any girly-girl handmade gift ideas. Although extremely cute, I know that my husband wouldn’t really enjoy getting a lace flower pot or a snow globe as a gift. After revisiting my first blog, I found some more mannish DIYs that would work great as a gift to your male friend, boyfriend, husband, teacher, student, lover, family member, or whatever you crazy kids are calling one another these days. These gifts also look great around the home, so if you live with your male Valentine, it’s win-win.

Here they are:

11. I Heart You Pillowcases.

92. Love(ly) Sign.

83. Wood You Like A Coaster.

54. Cut A Rug.

105. Hearty Meal.

Accompany any of these gifts with a movie and you have a recipe that can’t fail. Good luck DIY-ing your way into your men’s hearts! Only three more days and counting!



  1. Whitney

     /  02/16/2014

    Love these ideas! It seems like everything I’ve seen on the Internet related to V-day gifts for guys is still pretty girly, but this gives some good variety. My hubby would love those coasters! Might have to steal that idea. ;)

  2. Those pillows are so great! I love how subtle they are, I have six weddings and counting to go to this summer, so I will definitely be whipping up a set or two of these!


  3. geo

     /  02/12/2014

    Perfect baby! these gift are great!!! My favorite would be the meal, lol, with the coasters coming in a close second ;)

  4. Great ideas! The pillow are adorable! What a great wedding gift these would be, too! I am gonna have to fix those taters! YuM! Good to meet ya! Paula ♥

  5. I might have to add a few more DIYs to my Valentine’s Day project list. Love the pillows and wood coasters!

  6. Love the heart pillow cases. A fun idea since significant others are often referred to as the “the other half”. It reminded me of the pillow case my sister gave my husband for Christmas one year. She ironed on a huge photo of me (his wife) on the front of it. I was slightly mortified, but my husband thought it was hilarious. Happy Valentine’s Day!

  7. Mum

     /  02/11/2014

    Ladies don’t waste your time. Think animal kingdom. It is the LION who brings gifts to the proud LIOnESS. He pursues her .Yes I am old yes I am jaded and yes I am learned. I follow Mother Nature. Females take care of the little ones the elderly in the pack and themselves. Females are the leaders. Save your hard earned $$ and precious time. It is HE who must present to you. And if he doesn’t? Well a leopard never changes his spots. They may camouflage to blend in. Trust me on this. Give a valentines gift to your moms (they did birth you) or a best friend or a nursing home.



  9. I really like the lovely wooden sign you made. It would be a good gift for any guy in your life, and very customizable too!

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