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IMG_1.jpg IMG_2.jpgIMG_3.jpg IMG_4.jpgIMG_5.jpg IMG_6.jpgIMG_14.jpg IMG_7.jpgIMG_8.jpg IMG_9.jpgIMG_10.jpg IMG_11.jpgIMG_12.jpgA few weeks ago, Geoff and I spent the night on one of our city’s most infamous streets. The name is Broadway Avenue. Broadway is home to independent clothing stores, coffee shops, and restaurants, multiple bars, two schools, and much more hipster goodness. The Broadway Theatre dates back to 1946, and it’s there where we ended up going for date night. To the theatre, that is, not back in time.

This particular night we went and saw the remake of Oldboy. Although the theatre put on a special screening of both the original and the remake, we only caught the newer version. Both Geoff and I thought that it was a shocking, gory, and well-acted film, and was very different than what we were expecting. That being said, if you were going by movie ratings alone, it may not be one that avid Rotten Tomato followers will be willing to see. This 2013 version currently sits at 43% on RT, while the version from 2003 is at 80%. Inevitably, it’s probably another Hollywood remake that probably shouldn’t have been remade in the first place. I think that there should be a general rule in Hollywood that any film above 70% on RT cannot be redone. That way, the classics will always remain just that. Except for Oldboy, that is. Reviews aside, I highly recommend seeing it! 



  1. Shame you didn’t catch the original Oldboy…

  2. I used to love Broadway and saw loads of shows at the theatre when I lived there! Enjoyed your pix!

  3. I like the idea of watching the older version of a movie with the newer version. I agree, the original is usually better.

  4. I agree I really like the remake alot. I also didn’t scale it based on the original either so that upped my liking of it. And I admit I miss old school movie theaters, I still have one around my area and it is just something magical about a seat that doesn’t recline and the smell of popcorn in the air. Just love it, and I love the pics.

  5. Whitney

     /  02/16/2014

    Love it! Looks like a unique date idea! I’ll have to look around my town and see if we have any historic areas that would offer different date night opportunities.

  6. Awesome photography! Some of it is very reminiscent of Edward Hopper’s paintings, my fave American artist. Thanks for stopping by and visiting my blog (and for the super nice comment!).

  7. I agree that the film was well-acted, and I love the pictures you took. :)

  8. Looks like a fab night and what a gorgeous sounding street! Great blog.


    – N

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