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IMG_1.jpg IMG_3.jpg IMG_8.jpgIMG_9.jpgIMG_10.jpgI love going for late night drives. Before my husband and I were married, and while we were in that awkward I-like-you-more-than-a-friend-but-am-going-to-treat-this-like-an-elementary-school-crush-and-not-make-a-move stage, one thing that we used to do almost every night was pick the other person up and take them for a long drive around the city. Our drives would last for hours and go well into the next morning. Our goal was to explore both the interior and the outskirts of the city, and to drive until we got lost. We would talk about almost anything, no topic was off limits. Our drives were fun and innocent, much like our relationship at the time. I was able to learn so much about this amazing person sitting next to me, and the more that we shared, the more I felt as if I had always known him.

Now, with the craziness that makes up our day-to-day lives, midnight drives are thing that we do not get to do very often. However, once in a blue moon, usually when the weather is cold and the dogs have cabin fever, we will all hop into our vehicle, grab some coffee, and go for a late night escapade. I still feel as if we have our deepest and clearest conversations whenever we drive for an extended period of time. I think that our drives are much more important than getting dressed up and going out on dates to movies and suppers, because it is within the confines of a vehicle that we express our true selves to one another, and consequently our goals for the future. I love that we can bring along our little pet family with us, since they are such an important part of our life as a couple. Maybe someday we will also be blessed enough to have a sleeping child in the back of our vehicle as well.


P.S. Happy birthday to my very wonderful step-dad. You have given us all so much! Also, very happy (belated) birthday to my mother-in-law. Without you, I would never have met my love.

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  1. I love that your fur babies come with you. They are so cute!


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