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IMG_3.jpg IMG_4.jpgIMG_5.jpg IMG_6.jpgIMG_1.jpg IMG_7.jpgIMG_8.jpg IMG_9.jpgIMG_10.jpg IMG_11.jpgIMG_12.jpg IMG_13.jpgI have decided that today is the day that I am going to divulge a secret. Because if I can’t be honest on my own blog, then what is the point of having one? So here it is. Geoffrey and I are currently on the market for an acreage. I was so hesitant about writing about our journey thus far simply due to the fact that Little Green has been such a huge part of our lives and Hello, Scarlett. From our story of purchase, to our renovations, to our change in decor, our home has been instrumental in our lives over the past year and a half. I cannot believe that we have lived here for less than two years. It feels much longer, but in the best way possible.

On this particular day that we went and looked at an acreage, I went and ran a few unrelated errands beforehand. The day began with a trip to my dependable dollar store, followed by a much needed coffee break. My tattoo appointment came next, then home, a late drive-thru lunch with the husband, and a few hours of driving around looking at empty lots and acreages. Believe it or not, the was the second Saturday that one of us had a tattoo booked before a showing (Geoff started this trend). Our scheduled viewing was at the little, grey acreage that you can see in the last three photos. Although it’s close to what we are looking for, it’s still not our dream property. However, it’s only a matter of time.


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  1. Ha! I see what you did there with that blog post title! How exciting that you are looking for acreage! I would love to live in a more country-area someday and have a big ol’ garden and maybe an orchard! Good luck with your search!

    Becca | Ladyface Blog


  2. Such evocative photos! Making me chilly even in my toasty bed. :)
    – Cristina


  3. Woah, that’s going to be such an exciting purchase! And it looks so dreamy with all that snow- I can only imagine how gorgeous it’ll look during the summer. Good luck finding the perfect one :D

    xo marlen
    Messages on a Napkin


  4. Your landscape photos are fantastic, really gorgeous ^_^ I’d love to live somewhere with all that open space!


  5. Mum

     /  03/11/2014

    Never fear little green I have your back. You are all spruced up standing taller standing straighter sealed all your leaky spots scrubbed until you sparkled and now they want to get rid of you? Hang on little home lets see if they will change their minds.


  6. Good luck on your search! And I’d love to see the new ink.


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