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IMG_1.jpg IMG_2.jpgIMG_3.jpg IMG_4.jpgIMG_5.jpg IMG_6.jpgIMG_7.jpg IMG_8.jpgIMG_9.jpg IMG_10.jpgLast Sunday, one of our local animal rescue organizations hosted a St. Patrick’s Day fundraiser. They chose a greenhouse as their venue, and although they were mostly confined to the lobby, with the amount of dogs and foster parents that were present they ended up taking over the entire building. My husband and I were skeptical about going, only because I have never been able to visit a shelter without leaving with a new family member. My own mother learned this the hard way when one act of volunteer work at the Humane Society turned into an adoption of a Saint Bernard named Dolly. I was worried that I was going to adopt a dog that day, while Geoffrey was worried that I was going to adopt a dog that day. Yet, we wanted to show our support for those animals that were looking for their forever homes. I put my own emotions aside for the afternoon, and we made our way over to the fundraiser.

What an amazing event. The volunteers had really put a lot of work into different ways to raise money for the organization. There were treats for humans and animals, merchandise, and a 50/50 draw. Each adoptable dog was dressed up in green and photographed individually for the website. The foster parents were all very friendly and encouraged you to ask about the available dogs even if you were not looking to adopt. The fact that the greenhouse also doubles as a pet store made it an even more fitting choice for a venue. My parents made it there before we did. Afterwards, my mum and I got to talk about which dogs we wanted to adopt. To my husband’s relief, we did walk away empty handed. I think the luck of the Irish was with him that day. He most definitely will not be so fortuitous the next time around.


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  1. sf

     /  03/25/2014

    I love your cute header and yellow outfit pic. Your clothes are always lovely! Wish I could be a vintage fashionista like you.


  2. how sweet! i hope a lot of dogs got homes.


  3. Mum

     /  03/23/2014

    When you bring that new rescue home soon the dullness in their eyes is replaced with apprehension. Can they trust again? Then hope creeps in. And in a very short while they fall into the daily routine of their new home and it is that moment when they begin to carry themselves a little more proudly stand a little taller wag their tails a little harder they become familiar with their new routine and their new family pack look into their eyes now. They crinkle at the corners And those eyes seem to be dancing. And listen for that sigh of contentment the one they only make when “ahhh life is good again”. Until I can’t take another step forward I will adopt animals.



    – N


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     /  03/23/2014

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  6. Joanne S

     /  03/23/2014

    Animal rescue volunteers are the greatest! My sister started out by providing assistance pro bono; ended up becoming a “charter member” of Beagles to the Rescue: http://www.beaglestotherescue.org . I truly admire all the countless & selfless hours rescue people give to help find relief and forever homes for pups in need. Miss Pearl, an abandoned hunter, now runs and plays with (and rules over) our 2 Boston terriers, Miss Phoebe Darling and Douley. Your post was the push I needed to send in a donation. Thanks!


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