here comes the sun

IMG_1.jpg IMG_2.jpgIMG_3.jpg IMG_4.jpgIMG_5.jpg IMG_6.jpgIMG_7.jpg IMG_8.jpgIMG_9.jpg IMG_10.jpgEvery morning, Truman and I take a long walk down to and around the river that runs through our city. We are lucky enough to only live a couple of blocks away. While the paved path can become quite congested with people and animals, the dirt path that runs between its paved counterpart and the river itself is always empty. I let Truman off his leash, and together we explore it freely. On this particular day, our walk to the river was extremely overcast. Then, about half way through, the sun came out and rose over the horizon. It was magical. 

Our river walks are a ritual that have gotten increasingly longer with each passing day. Spring has officially sprung in Saskatchewan, and we are loving it.

Have a great weekend, friends.


(The above photos were taken with an iPhone 5C)


  1. Thanks for sharing, Truman is so cute!

  2. Gorgeous photos! Truman is such a cutie. Glad to hear you guys are having some nice adventures together!

  3. Hello to my newest blog friend! I love this post; great pictures!

  4. Beautiful photos!

  5. The photos are just breathaking.. Thanks for posting. I am always fascinated with snow since we live in a tropical country where we only have two seasons (sumemr and rainy). I hope that someday I can visit this place.. It something out of a dream.. God Bless and thank you for visiting my baby blog.. =)

  6. Lovely pictures!! I thought you took them with a pro-camera!! :D BTW, Truman is awesome!

  7. I’m always impressed with images that are taken using an iPhone; they’re great little cameras that produce wonderful results — like these!

  8. Lovely photos of late winter in your province. Truman is a lucky dog to have the trails so close by. Cheers and hoping to follow you on Twitter. Jill

  9. Gorgeous photos! Lucky you, to have a dog you can trust off-lead.

  10. hello Truman and Emory : beautiful photos of your snowy landscape xx

  11. How nice to see you pop by my place this morning; then to come take a walk along the river with you… Just can’t get enough of those prairie skies! :) ❤

  12. Beautiful images–Truman looks like he owns the place-what a cutie!
    Thanks too for visiting Little Dogs Laughed-we appreciate you taking the time to look! I look forward to seeing more of your DIYs and Truman-

  13. Love your photos :) Espesially those of your dog ♥ Reminds me of my own dog running round in the forest :)

  14. So sweet! Beautiful pictures Emory. I really feel like having a pup makes your heart a bit bigger, and brings so much happiness to everyday life.

  15. You have an exceptional talent for photography and the written word. Thank you for sharing your gift with the world, and never stop shining your light!
    Namaste! -Sarah

  16. That’s a beautiful walk!! And your doggie is so cute!! He even has a coat! Awww. What a gorgeous walk. Like yourself, we’re surrounded by snow still….ah, life in Canada. :-)

  17. I love the pictures. You are also very well spoken! I’m now following you to hear more about Truman!

  18. Wow, beautiful shots!!!! Thanks for liking my post about Luna. I’m sure she’d love to feel some snow under her paws as well, although I think she’s already dreaming about her first swim in a few weeks from now. Keep it up Emory!

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