girl in a yellow dress

IMG_1.jpgIMG_2.jpgIMG_3-1.jpg copyOne of my more recent purchases from eBay was a 1970s yellow dress that I purchased from the Unbelievably Vintage Store. I then had a photo shoot done where I wore this dress, a floral crown, my Lotta from Stockholm clogs, and a terrarium necklace (courtesy of the Hello, Scarlett Store). The snow had melted, and while it wasn’t warm by any normal standards, it was a heat wave for March in Saskatchewan. I could sense summer being just around the corner, and I felt like a little flower child celebrating fashion and Mother Nature. In a way, it was like my mini Coachella, only much further north and without the great music.

Hey, I’ll take whatever I can get.



  1. Beautiful dress and lovely photographs!

  2. Lovely outfit. Love that yellow dress. :-D

  3. You look so beautiful! I love this style sweetie!

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  4. I love the dress! It for sure has a spring feel to it!

  5. Mum

     /  04/23/2014

    Coachella? Lets go next year!!! Another oldie Michelle Pfeiffer attended this year. I think they will let me in. And you…..well I am going to dress you for the event. Beads. Havianas. Ripped denim and a vintage tee. Just cos you loooove vintage so much.

  6. A visual gem, as always. Thanks for creating this and sharing with the world.

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