wood and wire succulent hanger – diy

IMG_1.jpgHappy Wednesday, friends! Have you been experiencing a crazy wet Spring like we have in most of Canada? For the past few days I’ve woken up to several inches of snow, only to have it all melt by the end of the day. I’m sort of getting used to wearing my winter coat and boots in the morning and then rain boots and no jacket in the late afternoon. I thought that I would share a Springy DIY with you, in parts to encourage the nice weather to stick around, and in parts to keep my sanity.

IMG_2.jpgI came across this Wood and Wire Succulent Hanger in a greenhouse. I didn’t actually see the name of what it was really called. What I did see was the ridiculous price tag of this beautiful but $50.00 item, put it down, turn to my husband and say, “I can make this.” So I did.

IMG_3.jpgThis is what you will need:


Wire (I used chicken wire)

Wood (I reclaimed and old game board)





IMG_4.jpgStep One. Cut a piece of chicken wire. Make sure that it will be able long enough to wrap around your wood board. Cut extra so that it can also fold under to trap the plant, soil, and moss.

IMG_5.jpgStep Two. Wrap the wire around the wood. Let the two end pieces meet in the back. Fold the bottom up the back as well.

IMG_6.jpgStep Three. Cut some long wire pieces and fasten the ends and bottom together.

IMG_7.jpgStep Four. Add the moss. Place the plant and soil gently within the moss and between the board and the wire. Play around with it until you are satisfied with the way it looks.

IMG_8.jpgStep Five. Hang your lovely project with screws and a drill. Wrap the wire around the screws for added support.

IMG_9.jpgStep Six. Now, water and enjoy!

IMG_10.jpgThe total cost of my project was $9.00 without tax. That’s a heck of a lot better than what it would have been to buy it. Plus, I now have the added bonus of making it a DIY for Hello, Scarlett. Sometimes, life just works out to be in your favour. Hear that, Spring?

See you all in May!



  1. Luv the hanging wire plant! Your inspiration plant is a staghorn fern which is a fav of mine! I had one growing in a hanging wire wall planter but it doesnt like full sun…which I sadly realized to late so im working on finding a new plant and new shady location!


  2. Semi-unrelated, your photography is remarkable. Your aesthetic and sense of composition is fantastic.

    I need to find the time to go back to the begging of your blog and binge read it.

    A seemingly mundane DIY project is elevated to fine art by virtue of your crafted photos. I went over to your Etsy site too, and the product pictures look incredible too. You bring a boutique feel to the online shopping experience better than anyone I’ve seen. (I’m a retail designer (and artist) by trade so I like to think I’m allowed to comment as such).

    Not sure if you use filters or what, but even so there’s no denying the attention to artistic details. I just wanted to say I’m in love with the photos on your various sites. And will likely just keep commenting on them for as long as you post them.

    Thanks for sharing the beauty and creativity of the world as seen through your eye.

    Can’t wait to see your book(s) and catalogs when they come out in print. ;)


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