winter turns into spring, and the hunt continues

photo 1.jpg photo 2.jpgphoto 3.jpg photo 4.jpgphoto 7.jpg photo 8.jpgphoto 5.jpg photo 6.jpgphoto 9.jpg photo 11.jpgWelcome to month number five of our hunt for an acreage! While this has been a long and sometimes draining search, I feel as if it is soon coming to an end. In a good way, of course. Last month, during Easter long weekend, we looked at a property that was located 30 minutes north of our city. The drive was beautiful, and pulling up to the lonely acreage on a grey day felt like we were in a scene from Beetlejuice. Does the house remind you of that as well? I love/loved it!

When I entered the home I felt as if I didn’t want to leave. I had a sudden urge to quit my job at the library and to stay there and bake pies and can preserves. I do not do those things now, but the home made me feel like a prairie housewife. Our realtor even took a seat in the rocking chair that was next to the propane stove and said he felt like staying there and reading a book. The property was cozy, homey, and had special powers over all of us. To make it more in our favour, we had brought our two little dogs and they ran around and around the yard. They seemed so happy, which made me ecstatic.

While it felt so great to be there, the drive was much too long. This is why it is taking us so long to find our perfect property. It always seems to be something. Like I said, we will keep on keepin’ on, because I know our next home is just around the corner. Sooner or later, I will have some exciting news to reveal to you all. <3 


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