• Hello, friends. My name is Emory Ann Kurysh. I live on the Canadian prairies with my husband, daughter, and animals. Welcome to Hello, Scarlett Blog!

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    My masters program commenced today. This is something that has been 7 years in the making. Every year, since graduating with my bachelor's in 2009, I have applied to various universities for my masters degree. This included universities all over Canada, as well as in Edinburgh, Scotland. While I never thought I would get in, I was always accepted, including getting a full scholarship to attend at Carleton University in Ottawa. Ultimately, I always found a reason to turn them down, or to defer. My family would joke that I was 'the defer queen'. Part of me craved an adventurous life, and yet another part just wanted to settle down. Now, years later, with a husband and 6 month old baby, I am finally going back to school. I doubt if I am any more ready than I was all of those years ago - in fact, I am probably less prepared than I've ever been. But I know that these chances won't always come along. It's time to grow up, stop being so noncommittal, and start instilling good values in my child at a very young age. I suspect that there'll be many sleepless nights, a lot of stress, and even tears, but with that, so much greatness and positive feelings that I haven't felt since attending university. So, ready or not, here I go. And just like that, Remy crawled for the first time today. (It's a good day.) 🙌
Thank you for all of your kind words and support, everyone. Peace out, Instagram community. Catch you on the flip side. ✌️
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hello, scarlett giveaway

IMG_9126Hello, friends and happy Friday! I am thrilled to bring to you a giveaway. It’s been a eight months since my last one, so I figured that I am long overdue. The giveaway today is a handmade Travelling Terrarium that comes from the Hello, Scarlett Store. All of the Terrariums in the store come with a unique name that has been based on either its vessel or content. This particular Terrarium is titled, ‘If Nothing Else, At Least I Got A Tin Can.’ Each Terrarium has been carefully filled with rocks, two varying types of moss, one dried flower, and a foreign coin for good luck. These Terrariums are everlasting. They improve the Chi in one’s home. They are the perfect form of greenery for wanderlusts.

IMG_6.jpgHere are the rules:

1. Follow Hello, Scarlett Blog on WordPress (1 entry)

2. Follow Hello, Scarlett Blog on Instagram (1 entry)

3. Follow Hello, Scarlett Blog on Etsy (1 entry)

IMG_5.jpgIMG_4.jpgIMG_9080Be sure to leave comment below to let me know how many entries you’ll receive. I’ll pick a winner on Thursday June 5 and announce it on HSB and on Instagram the morning of Friday June 6. Good luck! 



  1. Hello! We follow you on Instagram and WordPress (2 entries). We’re excited!!! Thank you for being a dear :)
    -Kaitlyn & Sarah


  2. geo

     /  06/01/2014

    hi babe, follow you on instagram, i follow your posts on here. I also follow you around the house as you decorate and brighten each room, walking our dogs through the neighborhood, and your little ravy-davy as you speed around the city ;)

    Am I eligible? :P


  3. Etsy and Instagram for me! (2 entries) :)


  4. Following on all three, I hope it is open internationally as I am in England :)


    2 ENTRIES.
    – NASH


  6. Followed on here! This is awesome!


  7. I followed on instagraM!



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