waskesiu (part one)

IMG_3.jpg IMG_11.jpgIMG_13.jpg IMG_5.jpgIMG_7.jpg IMG_8.jpgIMG_9.jpg IMG_15.jpgIMG_16.jpg IMG_6.jpgTwo weeks ago I had mentioned that Geoffrey and I were going away to celebrate our fourth wedding anniversary. We visited a national park in Canada that we went to around the same time last year. It’s quickly becoming our anniversary destination. We love going there in June before school lets out because it feels as if it’s a beautiful ghost town which happens to be in the midst of a forest and surrounded by lakes. It’s just so serene! We also like how it always seems to rain when we are there. Because we are not beach people, when we do go to a beachy destination, we tend to spend our time going for walks rather than just laying around. The rain is so good for keeping away mosquitoes and even people. We love having the roads and trails to ourselves as well. Hmm. I’m beginning to see a pattern of anti-social behaviour! 

Our first few days at Waskesiu were rainy as per. We walked, ate, watched movies, walked some more, took photos, went to coffee shops, walked again, and I even got some blogging and HS Store time in. It was heaven. Why, oh why, can’t we have vacations at least once a month? Maybe we should all be like Kimye and treat each day like it’s our spouse’s birthday. Then that would be an excuse to be on a permanent holiday just like them. Yeah right. No, it makes it that much more special when you hardly do get away. I’ll take an annual or biannual vacation over daily ones anytime.



P.S. Sorry to my readers for mentioning Kimye in this post. Twice now. It won’t happen again! ;-)


  1. G

     /  06/27/2014

    Can we go back now???? That was so much fun!!!


  2. I adore Waskesiu; used to go there every year when I was in Sask! Sometimes the ice would be barely off the lakes in early June.


  3. These photos are stunning! They are making me desperate to travel to Canada to see my relatives over there and some of the stunning views I remember from when I went as a kid. A shocking contrast the office desk I’m currently sat at. Eagerly awaiting my holiday with James to Scotland in September, where the views are also spectacular :)


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