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KirstyD_SMEGBefore I was ever a homeowner I dreamed of the day that I would have Smeg fridge in the middle of my kitchen. This was before every blogger across the continental United States had owned one. Before they were even popular. For me, it was love at first sight. I found their shape and colour schemes to be so unique and so very lovely. In the meantime, I have only owned small, unique refrigeration units in the hopes of having something just a little different than the run-of-the-mill models until I may purchase my first Smeg. Now that we are building The Little Barn, my dreams may come to fruition.

These are my top fridge choices:



1. Smeg (must be imported) // $2600.00 CAD




2. Heartland (local) // $2700.00 CAD



3. Elmira (local) // $2300.00 CAD


4. Run-Of-The-Mill (local) // Less than $1000.00 CAD

Choosing a fridge will dictate the entire look and layout of our kitchen. I’m honestly having such a hard time in deciding between spending a lot of money on something that I’ve wanted for years, or saving money and going with something extremely inexpensive but that I don’t really love. It’s a tough choice. What would you pick?



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  1. Ok. This is a tough one. Do as I say not as I do? Meh, that won’t work, if you can swing it go for the one you want.

    The Smeg is a cutie. I like white myself.

    We did separate (fridge & freezer) hidden SubZeros and spent a small fortune…not sure I would to THAT differently though, even after 2.5 years.


  2. Is the first picture your home? I love the clean neutral colors and I love that fridge! Never seen it in white before


    • I wish! The first picture is one that I found on Pinterest, but it mimics the look that we are trying to achieve with our new home. ;-)


      • Wow very nice! Good luck to it, you must post up your finished home when you’re done!


  3. I’m loving the Mint Smeg. But the Robin’s Egg Heartland is also adorable. If I were in your position, I’d think long and hard about just how attached I am to the Smeg brand. It sounds like it’s something you’ve been excited about for years. Would foregoing that dream be, in the long-run, a disappointment? Or are you more concerned with the look and feel that a vintage fridge brings to a space? If your answer is the latter, then I’d say the Heartland is a better option. Freezer/fridge combo with happy color options and the fact that it’s local are great selling points. Big Chill is a great brand too, and maybe consider a refurbished Philco? Some other ideas that may or may not make your decision easier haha.


  4. Hi…Scarlett…Great information and beautiful presentation!


  5. Hi ya thanks for your lovely comments about my post and blog.

    It was a tough decision but I had to go with the silver Smeg. I actually really liked top row, no 3 Smeg as that green is really lovely – but went for the silver as it is more of a practical colour – which is how I justified “buying” the most expensive!

    I learnt a lesson recently. I bought a cheaper bathroom cabinet than the one I really wanted. Everyday I used it and felt more and more disenchanted. If I’m honest though there was nothing wrong with it, I sort of felt short changed….and ended up going out and buying the other one anyway. (Which is lovely!)

    I’ve come to the belief that practical things you use everyday are sometimes worth that bit extra if they make you happy every time you use it!

    I’m not sue if this is helpful? Good luck with your decision.

    Best wishes



    • It’s totally useful! Thank you! These comments are amazing and are helping me more than you realize.



  6. Whenever I have to make a compromise like this I go for something that still has the functionality I need but closet to the look I am going for. So, if you love Smeg, I would go for the Elvira because its already local, a little less expensive and has a very similar look. I wouldn’t bother with the cheapest option because eventually you’ll just hate it and get a different one anyways, which means you are spending more money – if not all at the same time. If you get something closer to what you really like then you might be surprised and like it more than you anticipated. :)

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    • What a fantastic comment! I honestly had never looked at it that way. I think that I agree with you. Thank you!! :-)


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