what i bought – uo beach towels

5.jpgNow that hell has frozen over and I’ve become a regular beach bum, I decided that it was time to invest in some beach towels. I turned to no other place than my favourite hipster store, Urban Outfitters. I bought a Relax towel for myself, and a Pendleton towel for my husband. But like any good mother, I love them both equally. ;-)))

29627304_011_bPendleton Glacier Park Towel $38

31244965_030_dRelax Beach Towel $12 (was $24)

4.jpgWith my towel, flats, Kinfolk Magazine, and Polaroid camera packed, I’m ready to hit the beach. See you all on the flip side!




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  1. Mum

     /  08/13/2014

    Love the glacier park towel. Would look better in my adobe methinks. I think you are forgetting to mention another beach staple purchase of yours. How about that new bathing suit? I see there is no reference to it.

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