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During our last Edmonton trip, my husband and I ended up buying the majority of our lighting for The Little Barn. You must be thinking, ‘Whaaaaaaat? That must have cost hundreds, and possibly even thousands of dollars!’ Heck no, it didn’t. Would you like to know why? Well I have one word for you, IKEA. After purchasing three lights for our kitchen, one for our bathroom, two for our mudroom, and three for both of our bedrooms, our total bill was approximately $250. Success. 

Here is a preview of our new lighting. $19.99 (for our kitchen, bathroom, and bedrooms – image via Pinterest)

277e7a6367bee3f1d127cbcdc8e5a091OTTAVA $59.99 (for our mudroom – image via Pinterest) $19.99 (for our bedroom – image via Pinterest)

There’s only one thing left to say, and that is, IKEA you are a Godsend.



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  1. mum

     /  08/27/2014


  2. I also have big love for IKEA and was there this weekend, many a bargain was had :) your lights are gorgeous!

  3. G

     /  08/26/2014

    Now if only the house was up and we could install these!!!

  4. Mum

     /  08/26/2014

    I like your minimalist choices.

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