a weekend of antiquing

1.jpg 2.jpgJust a few weekends ago, my husband and I took yet another road trip to Regina, SK.

7.jpg 8.jpgI have to learn to stop going there. Well, maybe not entirely, but certainly not for anymore overnight stays. To our surprise, the city was hosting a CFL game between their local team, the Saskatchewan Roughriders, and a neighbouring team, the Winnipeg Blue Bombers. Suffice it to say that our downtown hotel looked and sounded like a giant frat house. It was insane. And not in a good way.

3.jpg 5.jpg 4.jpg9.jpg 10.jpgWe brought Holly and Truman with us that weekend. Geoffrey stayed in the vehicle with them while I shopped in the Antique Mall. I spent so much time there, and had every employee helping me to the point that one worker told me that next time I come, he’s going to made me punch in and out. I found many amazing items, and just being in the three-storey brick building alone felt like I was shopping in Brooklyn or some other magnificent, hip city. I am definitely going to be going back there often. Just not to stay the night. ;-)

13.jpg12.jpg11.jpgThe best part of the weekend was the drive back to Saskatoon. What started off as a gloomy weekend, suddenly turned into a comfortably warm day, with fluffy clouds and fresh prairie scents. We stopped off in a small town and grabbed burgers and hot-dogs for ourselves and our dogs. Then we drove to a side road, fed them, and went for a walk. It was nothing short of heaven.



P.S. Happy birthday, Emelia! I love you, you little munchkin!


  1. Hello Scarlett! You may have been nominated before, but we wanted to take the time to thank you for your wonderful blog and to let you know that we enjoy reading it. We nominated you for the One Lovely Blog award. You don’t need to do the post if you do not want– just know that we are fans of your work. Thanks!


    XO, Dorian and her Mama


  2. G

     /  09/09/2014

    Despite the football lunatics, it was a pretty nice little weekend. Hope we can squeeze in a few more trips before winter.


  3. Great post! I wish there were antiques malls in Quebec too… I would love to see the treasures you picked up :D

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  4. mintgreenphotography

     /  09/09/2014

    This antique mall looks amazing! Totally understand how you could get lost in there!

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  5. Lovely Pictures! This antique mall is like a dream!!


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