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1.jpgFamily, friends, readers, wanderers, lovers, haters, and everyone in between. Today I have big, big news for you! I am in the process of opening up a vintage, handmade, and wears store in Saskatoon, SK. The name of my hip new shop is Potomac Trading Post, Ltd.

5.As most of you know, I have been running an online business for over a year now. More recently, I have expanded it from only clothing to include handmade goods and antiques. The amount of inventory that I had accumulated was quickly taking over our living space. I decided that I would need a place to store it. Somewhere small, in the city, and centrally-located. Within a matter of days, I had found a great space that was only a few blocks away from Little Green. A few days after that, I began the process to incorporate my business but under a new name. I wanted a fresh start, and I feel that in the end, it picked me. Largely inspired by this post, Potomac literally translates to “the place where people trade.”

Here is the timeline of my new venture:

July 26: Decided on PTP while on a date with my husband.

6July 29: Found a downtown location to have my store.

July 31: Visited a lawyer to begin the incorporation process.

August 6: Heard back from the lawyer. Now to wait to sign the documents.

August 25: Finally signed the documents.

August 26: Bank appointment to set up a business account.

August 29: Met with a graphic designer team.

August 30-31: First buying trip.

2September 2: Received the keys for the store.

September 3: Bought store supplies.

3September 5: Applied for a business license.

Now – October: Setting up, more appointments, establishing a website, etc.

47I cannot even begin to explain how much of a whirlwind this experience has been. Add onto that we are still building our house and both working full-time, my mind functions on a hour to hour level. Gone are the days of being organized and planning ahead, I literally cannot remember where I parked, what clothes I wore the day before, if I’ve left anything behind, or any other small yet important detail in regards to being a normal and functioning human being. All I can remember is to be home to walk and feed the dogs, what time I have to work, and what appointments I must be at. My head is all business and not personal. However, I am certainly not ungrateful. I realize that this is a rare opportunity that not many people have the courage or desire to undertake. Whatever knocks (both opportune and bad) come my way during this process, I make sure to embrace them. I’m going to try my damnedest to ensure that Potomac Trading Post, Ltd., and everything else in my life currently, is a success.





10P.S. Stay tuned for many more updates on the store over the next few weeks!


  1. Fantastic!!! Congratulations!!

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  2. lindaglovinghome

     /  09/14/2014

    Absolutely Fantastic! Best of luck to you. I love the sign…No turns….it’s only one way….UP. Cheers!

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  3. g

     /  09/13/2014

    i cant wait for the grand opening!!! The store looks amazing! Even your cute little ledger.


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  4. So excited for you – congrats!

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  5. Congrats! Let me know if you ever need any retail design help (shameless plug & what we do for a living). Wearing a lot of hats can be taxing. Excited for you.

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    • Not a shameless plug! As freelancers, we have to do it where we can.

      I do, in fact, need help. I may be enlisting your design services ASAP!


      • :) whatever we can do to help – I know most independent retailers like to do it all so we can do as little or much as helps you keep your sanity during a busy and exciting time. I’m more than happen to bounce ideas or answer questions gratis. That way when you get rich and famous with a ton of stores and a kick butt brand you can remember us little people :)

        Visit us on the web at http://www.chrisweiganddesign.com

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  6. myipadography

     /  09/12/2014

    Web address and Facebook ??

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  7. myipadography

     /  09/12/2014

    Congratulations, I wish you the best and keep us updated

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  8. It looks amazing! All the luck Emory :)

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