the truth about acreage living

12Both my husband and I thought we were acreage people. I lived on one when I was a child and can remember all the fun that my siblings and I had in the country. My husband spent his teenage years on one as well, up until his second year of post secondary schooling. When I was in university, we moved back to an acreage. My parents have been there ever since, and my husband and I have been living with them off and on over the past few years.

Many of you joined our roller coaster ride in our 5 month search for an acreage of our own. While we didn’t end up settling on one, we did purchase land in the country. Do you know what? I think it’s a blessing in disguise. It’s funny how you may think that you want something so badly, and go after it in full force, only to realize that it’s not what you wanted in the end. Living on an acreage at this stage in my life has made me realize that. All of our jobs are located in the city, on top of which our free time is also spent there. With no desire to spend our days off mowing the lawn, and no children to speak of, the only good thing about living in the country is the peace and quiet, and having space for our animals. I’m hoping that therefore our city-sized lot outside of the city will be the best of both worlds for us and our animals. At least for right now.

14Not everyone will share this opinion, just as I don’t expect them to. Some people are made for country life, like my mum. While she would probably whither up and die in the city, there are days when she, too, needs a break from it all. This was an email that I received from her one Sunday morning.

“So here’s my day so far…. Ben (dog) left a dead mouse in dog room. Two puncture wounds. Then he was sniffing dead grass. Grass went up his nose and he started choking. I pulled it out of his nostrils. A handful. The graham wafer broke while feeding the donkeys and Mama (donkey) bit my finger. Bleeding. Sam (mini horse) ran into page fence. Got his head stuck. Ripped hair and has two nasty holes on his face. Mesa (kitten) has climbed a tree and can’t get down. And it’s only 10:30 (am).”

I think that acreage living is suited best for children or individuals who either do not work away from home, or do not work at all. Those who fall in between can also make it work, but you had better like rising with the sun and going to bed at sundown. If you do, I applaud you.



13Above are photos that I have taken over the summer while living on my parent’s acreage.


  1. lindaglovinghome

     /  09/19/2014

    Very Nice Read!! Everyone makes “their own” heaven. Love your Mum. :-)

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  2. Mum

     /  09/18/2014

    My Emma. Good article. ESP love the photos of my burros!! I think I have done you a disservice re acreage living. Acreages are no different than city living in terms of maintenance EXCEPT when you throw rescue animals into the mix. My donks were only used for repeated breeding. Mama donkey probably had 20 babies. Sick. My horses were all going to be killed for horse meat and the fact that some sicko could be paid 300 dollars for them. I always have about 10 dogs….beautiful souls that people think as throwaways. But these rescues have rescued ME. The soft nicker of a horse when they see me in the morning, the Donks lift their heads twitch their long ears and start braying when they just hear my voice, and my loyal dog pack. I am surrounded by love. I am the keeper of these lovely animals. A pair of (yes custom made) cowboy boots, well worn levis, favorite dogs running in front of me, strong fences, warm barn, good pastures, well ‘Heaven Can Wait’. We have our oasis.

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  3. G

     /  09/18/2014

    Acreages are bitter sweet. I think growing up on one can be a lot of fun. The space and freedom to roam around the countryside can make for a great childhood. But the work required to maintain them :S, it can be a daunting task.

    Koodos to those who can.

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  4. I agree completely! I am city oriented, myself, and don’t care to spent my non-work time tending land and animals. A yard and pets are enough for me.

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