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5.jpgNow that I am not operating under the Hello, Scarlett Store anymore, and my new store has a permanent address, I figured that it was time to have some stamps made. Maybe it’s the library worker in me, or maybe it’s just a weird fascination, but I love stamps. I’ve been collecting them for a few years now, and with any order that I mail out to my customers, I use no less than 6 different stamps. I think that maybe it’s why I often get reviews of ‘packed with care’ or ‘beautifully wrapped’. I feel they just add so much uniqueness.

Making your own address stamp is really quiet easy, albeit extremely time consuming. In the time that it took me to find the appropriate stamps, bring them back to my store, separate them, rearrange them, figure out their placement, and glue them back together, it took around a total of 4 hours. I could have just purchased a self-inking stamp from Staples where you input your name and address, but where’s the fun in that? Plus, it would have prevented me from making a cool little logo.

Here are the steps in stamp making 101.

2.jpg1. Purchase enough letters for your name and address. The smaller the type, the better. I got mine from Michael’s, as each little set was only $1. I needed 9 complete boxes of fonts and 1 box of numbers.

3.jpg2. Arrange the fonts and numbers to spell out what you’d like your stamp to say. Get creative, but also try to keep them relatively the same size.

3. Using a hot glue gun, begin to form rows with the stamps.

4.jpg4. After your rows have dried, glue each one together using either left or centre alignment.

1.jpg5. Voila! Now find some blank sheets of paper or envelopes and start mailing your loved ones! After all, it’s so much more exciting to receive a letter over an email.




  1. I love this idea. This Christmas for my etsy art shop, I wanted to make my own web address stamp to put on my thank yous (to pop in with purchases). Was even contemplating a little gift tag. You have given me much food for thought.


  2. G

     /  09/24/2014

    Maybe you could make some for me at work? They don’t need to be as cute as yours tho. “Nonreturnable”, “auto parts, fragile”, “as is”, “no warranty” that sort of thing ;)


  3. I love this!! I wanted to have one made for wedding invitations, but this is even better!!

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    • Really? Oh how I love comments like these! If you end up crafting your own stamps, please share and tag my blog in it! I’d be so thrilled to see your results. <3:-)))


  4. isabella

     /  09/24/2014

    What a great idea! ;)

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    • Thanks Isabella! I recommend this DIY to anyone who ever sends out letters or parcels. It’s très fun! xx


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