the little barn dance

1.jpgAn important matter has recently come to my attention. I have never showed any of my amazing readers photos of The Little Barn’s construction site! Not once! How did this happen? I have been freely discussing moving since January, and blogging my room ideas for our new home on a weekly basis, yet I have not been including photographic updates on our property.

The last time that any of you saw pictures of our lot was on June 4. That was nearly 4 months ago! Actually, that is a bit of a lie. I have been giving my Instagram followers little peeks of TLB. So maybe you should all join the @hello_scarlett_blog bandwagon already. It’s time to get back on the wagon!

Ok, enough chit chat. I’m really excited to present to you the progress so far. So dust off your computer and smartphone screens, get settled in your seats, and most of all, get ready to do The Little Barn Dance with me!

01.jpgWe officially received our lot on June 30. After spending Canada Day there with Holly and Truman, we had to wait nearly a month to have our mortgage and building permits approved. After that, we went out there one day with Ellie, and saw that not only had all of the trees been cleared away, but the screw piles and septic tank were put in, and we had a foundation! That was the day that we felt as if we really were building a home.

2.jpg 3.jpgThe contractors worked away at the foundation for the next week, and put up some pony walls. The flooring came next, and drawing out each wall on the main floor. Passerbys kept asking them if they were building a garage.

4.jpgAfter the walls were drawn out, it took only a few days to erect them. At this point, the bathroom, mudroom, spare bedroom, and pantry are all framed. The kitchen and living room walls are still laying down. Progress!

5.jpg 6.jpg7.jpg8.jpg9.jpgAfter the framing of the main floor was complete, the second floor went up merely days later. Now our neighbours were asking if it was a church that was being built. I have to agree with them. It’s divine.

10.jpg 11.jpg13.jpgThe addition of the roof occurred over a few days, and the windows and doors were installed in only one. The photos of our house, as you see it here, were taken just this past weekend. The metal roof, soffit, and fascia, should be installed by the end of next week, as will our electrical and plumbing. By then, our home will be approximately 50% completed!

02.jpgI love our Sunday drives out to the lake to check on The Little Barn. I’ll never forget turning the corner and seeing for the first time our house with a second storey. It was such an imposing structure standing so tall against the trees. It was so shocking and gratifying at the same time. I was so proud of our new home, and so grateful for all of the positive reinforcement that we had gotten from my side of the family, friends, coworkers, and even our contractors so far. What started off as a somewhat rocky affair has now turned into such a natural and smooth housebuilding experience. We have honestly been blessed. Maybe it is like a church after all.



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  1. lindaglovinghome

     /  09/25/2014

    Niiiiice! Kudos to you!!! Love the large second floor windows. Its so charming and picturesque.

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    • Thanks! Yes, the windows are one thing that we did not budge on. While we originally thought that we were getting a 4′ x 4′ window, our contractor wanted it to stand out and so he ordered 6′ x 6′ one instead. I’m so glad he did that, even if it weighs almost 700 lbs. It’s gorgeous.

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  2. Well this is incredible. Bad blogger though for cramming it all into one post, and late at that! Just kidding (not really).

    Anyway it looks fantastic. Enjoy building, because whether you like it or not it doesn’t happen that often. It’s a unique experience.

    No worries about it looking too big, once everything is done and nature starts reclaiming the yard it will sink back into its surroundings and look like it was meant to be there forever.


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    • Haha, oh Chris. Truth be told, it took a few months to even get the ball rolling on our property. Then suddenly, it’s up and halfway done! I thought that I would have much more time. Everything sort of got out of control with life and my new business. Hey, we bloggers aren’t perfect! We aren’t God! ;-)

      I know what you mean about nature taking over. By this time next year, she’ll blend right in with her surroundings. <3<3

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  3. It looks amazing!!

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  4. It looks beautiful already, can’t wait to see it finished!

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  5. Mum

     /  09/25/2014

    I wish you health and happiness in your new place,my daughter.

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  6. How beautiful :)
    Rebecca xxx

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  1. in september.
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