cactus flower

4.jpg 8.jpgDuring our last trip to Edmonton, Geoffrey and I went on a massive shopping spree for new clothes. We never shop for outfits in our current city, so when we are able to get away, we always make sure to squeeze in time to do so then. This last time I had apparently went flower crazy. Without realizing it, I bought a floral crop top from H&M, a floral skirt from Forever21, and floral leggings, again, from F21.

6.jpg 2.jpgMaybe it’s because I was so damn happy to be in Edmonton that I subconsciously wanted my blossoming soul to match my clothing, or maybe because it was the middle of summertime, or maybe its because I bought these items on two different trips to West Ed Mall and didn’t put two and two together. Or two and one together. Whatever the case, it doesn’t really matter. I bought three great items from some amazing stores for under $50.

7.jpg 3.jpgWhat happens when these happy accidents occur? Put your flower outfit together and go and have a photo shoot with your husband, who is also adorned in H&M clothing. Because baby, it’s an Indian Summer and let’s enjoy it like two cacti in the sweltering sun.

5.jpg 1.jpgHave a great last weekend in September, y’all!





  1. Haha, that always happens to me when I shop. I get home and realize that everything I bought is striped or with polka dots!

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  2. myipadography

     /  09/26/2014

    Love photos near tracks and this one is a beauty. Great job

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  3. Mum

     /  09/26/2014

    Looks like half of the Mod Squad. Nice lip colour! I know of a great locale for your next impromptu photo call. Has cactus, a few rattlers, sage brush and wild horses. Come with me to my new Mecca.

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  4. G

     /  09/26/2014

    Well one of us looks amazing! And the other resembles a disgruntled trucker ;) haha. I thought I smiled more, no? Great shoot, the train tracks always provides a nice background too. Do you miss city park?

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    • You look great. I think you were smiling more, and I told you not to. I prefer a more serious Geoff in photographs.

      The train tracks are amazing. Sometimes I do miss City Park, but then I just go to work at PTP, and my sadness is quelled.



  5. Joanne S

     /  09/26/2014

    A girls gotta let her inner flower rip from time to time.

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  1. in september.
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