in september.

Leaf.jpgIs anyone else on the same page with me when I say that each month just seems to fly by? As I predicted in August, September was a very hectic month for me. Let’s recap what exactly happened:

PTPI revealed to you guys that I was starting up my own vintage, handmade, and clothing store. With only a few days from the grand opening, I am still hurriedly trying to get last minute details together.

1.jpgThis month I introduced you to one new, one recycled, and one recipe from a lovely guest blogger. The theme this month was apparently sweet treats, but would you really expect anything else during the end of a long, hot summer?

11.jpgWe went on a small road trip where I visited my first antique mall. I bought many amazing vintage items, most of which are now available in my store. We also took Holly and Truman along with us, and made it a proper family vacation. :-)

DSC_0667I reviewed yet another dream cabin of mine, and showed you my inspiration for our mudroom and living room.

10.jpgI finally revealed the progress of The Little Barn, which admittedly was long overdue. It’s by far my favourite (and only) house we’ve ever built.

tom-hardy-with-pup-on-new-film-animal-rescue-1I reviewed a hit song and offered another version of it, an incredibly good movie starring Tom Hardy, and most recently, this film.

4.jpgI discussed what it was really like living on an acreage, and then scheduled a photo shoot with our pet family in the countryside.

9.jpgWe also had a flower-inspired shoot here.

5.jpgLast, but not least, this was my latest, and one of my cutest, DIY posts.

1.jpgSee you in October!




  1. Great month. Your store looks amazing!

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  2. G

     /  09/30/2014

    What a lovely recap! And there is still so much more to come right? ;)

    You should maybe focus more on sweet treats and not so much on tom hardy;)

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  3. Mum

     /  09/30/2014

    Nice ode to September. It HAS been a stellar month. Long hot afternoons. Leaves still stubbornly clinging to trees. Grass strong and green. A few songbirds not willing to leave. Pastures remaining lush. A few stubborn mosquitoes. Blah. But I look around and try to memorize the land. Can’t believe it will soon be pocketed in a deep freeze. Those delicious days of summer. Winter reminds me of cold death. I think that’s why I follow the sun. Now if I could just figure out what to do with these bangs of mine. They are driving me nuts. Can’t see past them. Around them. Or through them. Feel like my Welsh pony.

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    • Hahaha. Yes, Goldie Hawn, you probably could use a trimming of your bangs. But then we would be able to tell when you are napping, as opposed to my husband walking in on you, sitting upright in your chair, with your phone, thinking that you are awake. Where would be the fun in that?


  4. I agree with you, September did fly by, and this year as well. Congratulations on your store, hope we hear more about it soon!!!

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  5. Hello, thanks for stopping by, awesome blog, awesome writings! Congrats for the opening of your store, have a nice day and nice October :)

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