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(Image via Pinterest)

I realize that this may be a strange title for a post, however, when I was thinking about how to cleverly add the word ‘kitchen’ to the title, I could only think of the Harry Nilsson song. You know, from the film Practical Magic when they’re dancing in the kitchen and this is the music that is playing in the background? My mind works in mysterious ways.

While we’re on the topic of kitchens, the one that was featured in that film is pretty much the look that I am trying to attain with ours for The Little Barn. It’s funny how you can completely put something that you like in the back of your mind, and suddenly when you’re writing a post for your blog, it comes rushing back to you with many other childish memories that tie into what you’re discussing. Come to think of it, I don’t ever recall seeing the movie in its entirety. Dammit. Now I have another one to add to my list.

I digress. I need to stop doing that. What this post is really about is Pinterest and it’s unending supply of rustic industrial kitchens. Who needs books and magazines anymore when you have the internet? Wait. I work in a library. Who needs the internet when you have … Ok, so we need it all.

Here are my most influential finds so far:

BeFunky_5.jpg(Image via Pinterest)

BeFunky_4.jpg(Image via Pinterest)

BeFunky_1.jpg(Image via Pinterest)

BeFunky_2.jpg(Image via Pinterest)

BeFunky_6.jpg(Image via Pinterest)

1.jpg(Image via Pinterest)

And just to add a little music to this post, and because Halloween is nearing, here you go!



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  1. Such a good movie, and I love that song!

  2. Say wooo wooo I said doctor is there anything I can take…. Love it. (too funny) Love love love brick walls. Love the wood table attached to the brick wall and the tall cabinet with the glass doors!!!

  3. Hi ya! Absolutely adore the rustic/industrial kitchen with the antique gold picture frame and I agree, the various woods add warmth and texture. Very, very nice indeed.

    HomestyleLily x

  4. G

     /  10/09/2014

    I do t think I have seen that film before. We will have to watch it sometime:)

    Really cool images! The rustic kitchen is def the way to go. Never mind this modern obsession with cold metal. Wood everything instead!

  5. Do you go on Houzz.com? House specific inspiration.

    • I’ve tried several times. I don’t care for the layout of the website, and I hate how you have to sign up in order to view the photos. I’m just picky, I guess.

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