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Screen Shot 2014-10-14 at 9.58.13 AMHey guys! The day is finally here for me to reveal our metal roof to you!

2.jpgIf you can remember this post, I had enlisted your help in choosing a colour for a new roof. Most of you thought that red would vibrant and beautiful, which I agreed with. However, given that our previous metal roof stood out, this time, I wanted one that would blend in with its surroundings.

4.jpgMaybe I was playing the devil’s advocate, or maybe I was just stubborn in my vision for a weathered-looking house. Whatever the case, I am so thankful that we chose the colour that we did! 

1.jpgI think that the brown looks great here, but honestly, you should see it with the reclaimed siding that is now up. Honestly, it is absolutely gorgeous. 

3.jpgDon’t worry, the siding post will come soon. :-)))




  1. Joanne S

     /  10/15/2014

    How exciting for you! The roof looks great. LOL. I know some would hate it, but I love the sound of rain on an early weekend morning on a metal roof.

    • No, I agree with you, I love that sound! Especially when you can hear that it’s raining before you even peek your little head outside.


  2. Great choice – looks perfect with the environment!

  3. Interesting, there’s no OSB / plywood underneath? The metal roof looks fantastic. You’re going to absolutely love it. Plus if you ever want to convert to rain water collection you should be good to go. Metal is a great surface for collecting rain water.

    • It’s pretty common for metal to be installed directly over purlins (with felt underneath, of course). Some standing seam products require an OSB or plywood underlayment; it really depends on the weight of the material.

      I agree that this roof is perfect for rainwater collection! I have two rain barrels (they catch runoff from my gutters) and it’s a neat system. I was surprised at how well it works.

      • Interesting. Thanks for the info.

        • Well thanks for the input and knowledge, guys! I love how comments can create discussions on blogs. I agree with Chris, it is interesting!


  • Welcome, friends! My name is Emory. I am a wife, mother of two (one earthside and one with the angels), and an animal rescuer. This is our life on the Canadian prairies.
    email: helloscarlettblog@outlook.com

  • Early morning post (before I start painting our living room walls). We viewed our first acreage in four years last month. While the outside of the property was one hundred times more appealing than the interior, it’s inspired us to see more. We’re country folk at heart- both being raised on farms and acreages. We probably will not stop until we find that piece of prairie land that whispers our names. 🌾💛 Happy birthday, husband. I’m sorry that your birthday doesn’t always go as planned. Also, transitioning from you being gone for weeks, to then being home for a few hours, only to leave again is anything but smooth at first. But know that Remy and I do love and appreciate you so much. I hope that you have a wonderful year (since we’ll probably be spending much of it apart), wherever you now are.
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